1st Cavalry Secures Large Weapons Cache

Local Citizen Informant Leads Soldiers To Explosives Stash The amount of local intelligence has risen dramatically, leading to more and more situations where citizens are taking coalition soldiers directly to large amounts of weapons. These weapons are then seized without a shot being fired. They are mainly supplies of weapons that have been hidden, for the enemy to come back and uncover to resupply later, so there is no one left to guard them. Working with local Iraqi Forces, the men from the 3rd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment took into custody a weapons cache from a citizen tip near Jabr Al Ansari. After receiving the tip and finding the weapons, the 3rd Squadron split into two teams to search the surrounding area for more weapons or explosives. Often near one weapons cache there will be another, the thought being that if one is found then no one will think to look for another. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Captain Chardon Hyde is the Commander of 3/1 Cavalry Regiment, and spoke briefly with imbedded reporters about the seizure. “The Iraqi National Police organized this raid, from start to finish,” said Captain Hyde. “We are pleased that the ability of the Iraqi National Police has grown to where when an informant comes forward, the National police are able to immediately take action, make a plan, and implement action to deal with whatever has come up,” said Captain Hyde. “We are proud to have been merely the implementing force, the planning was handled professionally and well on this one by the Iraqi National Police,” said Captain Hyde.




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