Apprenticeship And OJT Program Benefits

If you have served in the military and are eligible for the MGIB program, either active duty or selected reserve, then you are eligible for funding that will support On the Job program benefits and apprenticeship. This offers a different way to use your VA and GI Bill training and education benefits that some of the normal channels. If you are entering into training for a new job, you can receive training funds and benefits that you collect from the Department of Veterans Affairs. For active duty you can receive up to $935 dollars monthly, and if you are eligible for Reserve MGIB funding you can still receive up to $263 dollars per month. That is over $14,000 dollars available within two years for OJT or job training, and apprenticeship program of training. For Veteran GI Bill members the program pays benefits depending on the amount of time that they are enrolled in the program. The Veterans Administration pays Selected Reserve GI Bill program participants on a reduced scale compared to active duty Servicemembers. To qualify for VA apprenticeship program benefits you have to meet certain qualifying conditions: You have to be a full time employee, on hour wage or salary not on commission. You must be under direct supervision at least half of the time, the training must lead to an entry level position, the training program must be reported and documented, you have to be hired within the last 24 months, your program must be at least six months long to become fully trained. You also must not have previous job experience in the field and you can work for any employer, private, state, local or federal government. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. You are eligible for these benefits under the GI Bill under either the Reserve GI bill program or the Active Duty program. To qualify you have to be recently hired or promoted, be within your last day of service within the last ten years, and you need to be an active member of the Guard or Reserve (for the Reserve GI bill component). So if you are otherwise qualified and you have began an apprenticeship or job, you should consider applying for this Montgomery GI Bill program. This is a program that is not well known, and in some cases the Veterans Administration will pay for OJT training for retroactive service for the last 12 months.




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