Hints To Using Your MGIB Bill Benefits

Using your Montgomery GI Benefits is one of the perks associated with service in the Military. In a lot of cases, people are not aware of the conditions and issues associated with accessing and using their benefits. Some of the issues are pretty straight forward, others are not as well known. Here are some of the questions and answers involved in using your Montgomery GI Bill Benefits. How long does a beneficiary have to use their MGIB Benefits? As a rule, a person has ten years from the separation of service. While leaving the service begins the 10-year period, there are some things that will reset the clock on the 10-year period. If you have to rejoin the service for either voluntary or involuntary reasons for 90 days or longer, then you will have ten years from the date of your last separation. Is the GI Bill normally considered financial aid? No, most schools do not count military GI benefits as financial aid, it is money paid to you as a military benefit and it is paid directly to you, not to the school. This means that you are still eligible for financial aid such as Pell Grants, loans, and other types of financial aid. Can I stop and start using my Montgomery GI Bill benefits? Yes, you can re apply for your MGIB benefits after you leave school and return, but each time you have to go through the process to restart your benefits. Any unused benefits that you have remaining you can access when you reapply for benefits. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. How often will I receive payments? Most of the time you will receive benefits on a monthly benefits. Each month that you are enrolled in classes counts as a benefit month, and you should receive payment for that month. Each month that you are enrolled you will have to verify your status that can be done through the Internet or by Telephone, but either way for every month that you are enrolled in classes you will be eligible and receive a payment, up to the 36-month limit. Can I receive more than one type of VA benefit? You can only use one type of VA benefit at a time, sometimes you will receive or be eligible to receive more than one type of benefit, but you have to choose which benefit you receive at a time. You can only receive one benefit at any one time. Sometimes you can receive a benefit until it is exhausted, but still have other benefits left that you can use, but again only one at a time.




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