Army SF Engineer Sergeant

Working in the Special Forces community is an honor but also a big challenge. A person has to be literally at the top of their game physically, emotionally and psychologically. The Army Special Forces Engineer Sergeant is a position dealing with physical extreme situations and mental rigorous missions. The Army SF sergeant is a member of the team who has to be ready at a moments notice; they have to be ready to go on missions anywhere in the world without any prior notice. The Soldiers who serve on Special Forces teams work on offensive raids, search and rescue, intelligence, demolitions, and other missions. The Engineer Sergeant is a leader, who takes his soldiers into dangerous situations and sea and land missions and missions from the air. They are specialists that deal with a wide range of disciplines, including field construction, demolition, topographical surveys, and other weapons missions. Some of your missions and duties as a Army Special Forces Engineer can involve: performing and teaching tasks in bridging, rigging, civil action, reconnaissance, field fortification, explosives and demolitions, You will be responsible to evaluate terrain, employ warfare tactics in infantry operations, and institute techniques against the enemy in covert operations. You will interpret charts, photos, overlays and maps, perform water, land, sea and air navigation on covert missions, be involved in secret and classified operations dealing with tactics of warfare and infantry operations. You will prepare, detail and implement combat orders dealing with teaching, planning and performing demolition and sabotage operations. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. You will work to carry out secret raids and missions against enemy territories, and performing and teaching sabotage and demolition operations. Being a Sergeant in the Special Forces as an Army Engineer leader involves demanding and intense physical requirements. You are required to have good night vision, good eyesight, and excellent physical conditioning. A large part of the preparation to become a Special Operations Engineer Sergeant is training to become in top physical conditioning. You will be required to parachute into water and onto land. You will receive training on explosives and other dangerous materials. Training for the position for Special Operations Sergeant Engineer involved as many as 44 weeks of intense simulated combat operations, and classroom training. You will become an expert of survival, parachuting, swimming, explosives and scuba driving, as well as other survival techniques.




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