Military Cavalry Scout

Cavalry Scouts are the military person who serves as the ears and eyes of the unit commander, they operate to transport the information about enemy movements and actions of the enemy. They are dispatched to go out into the field and find out the necessary information. The Cavalry scout is responsible for reconnaissance and surreptitiously learning about the enemy and reporting back. Scouts in the Cavalry interact with and engage the enemy with scout vehicles, and anti armor weapons. They report, track, observe and keep record of the activities and movements of the enemy and direct Commanders with information they gather first hand about the enemy weapon systems and location of enemy troops and soldiers. The actions and responsibilities of a Army Cavalry scout involve: performing combat navigation, serving as a listening post and observation manager, employ camouflage and concealment, report and gather information on equipment, enemy disposition, and terrain, fire, load and clear ammunition and crew served weapons, and prepare ammunition and secure weapons on scout vehicles. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will collect data to report to commanders on various terrain, bridges and tunnels, and to enable the free flow of communication to officers and commanders. Working as a Cavalry Scout you have to do repeated physical work, including lifting of heavy objects and dealing with stressful situations in combat. You have to be in top Mental and physical shape for the position of Army Cavalry Scout. Training and preparation for Army Cavalry Scout deals with Army Basic Combat training, where you will learn how to deal with and perform as an Army soldier. After Basic training you will attend individual advanced training called One Station Unit Training. Your OSUT training will take place both in the classroom, with a heavy amount of simulated combat training in the field. You will attend OSUT for 16 weeks and participate in Scout and Squad Maneuvers, war games and practice exercise. The Army Scout constantly work to keep their military readiness at a high level using their skills and participating in ongoing training exercises. If you are a person who can face danger regularly, and have the ability to face challenges on ongoing basis then participation in this job career may be for you. Army Scouts must be able to perform independently and be self-motivated, but able to perform as a member of the overall team also.




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