Army Officer Pilot Careers

The Army is known for its superior ground forces, the ground forces of the United States Army are second to none in the world. But the Army also has careers in the Aviation Field. Pilots, navigators, as well as aviation crewmembers are all part of the Army Aviation branch. The Aviation Branch is a critical element in the ability of the Army to swiftly respond to threats all over the world. It is a vital link in the overall Army mission, and an excellent arm of the largest branch service of the United States Military. The Army Aviation Branch provides long-range target and transport response, as well as an excellent quick strike capability. The aviation branch of the Army hauls supplies, cargo, personnel, soldiers and troops in many different configurations. Some of the most versatile units of United States Aviation can be found among the Army Helicopter forces. Helicopters from the Army are the units employed to get the job done when no other method will work in many different situations. An Army Officer who serves in the Aviation division is a aviator first and foremost, but he is also responsible for other duties when not flying from tactical field mission coordination, tower control support, Aviation operations support, to many other supplementary duties. All Army Aviation Officer also lead and command soldiers and various aviation units. Army pilots and Aviation officers work with the following mainstay Army Aircraft and Army Units: AH-64 Apache Helicopters, UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopters, CH-47 Army Chinook Helicopters, OH-58 Kiowa and other Army helicopter units. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The duties of an Army Aviation Officer Lieutenant can deal with coordination of Aircraft and Aviation Soldiers in all different size units, in both multi national (coalition) and U.S. Operations, from groups of battalion, platoon and higher. Aviation Army officers provide coordination of Aviation Activities, and are teachers and instructors for combat training, aviation training missions, and at Army Aviation Service Schools. Aviation Training after you become an Army Officer starts with the basics, you will learn both in the classroom and in the field flight theory. You will learn rotary wing aircraft from the inside out, and flight systems, flight physics, map reading, emergency procedures as well as other various Aviation issues. After you become trained, you will help pass on flight procedures and training techniques when you report back to your unit. Senior Commissioned Army Aviation Officers can take on additional responsibilities, but they are always first and foremost an Army Aviator.




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I am curious about both routes to becoming a pilot. I am prior marine corp enlisted getting out at E-5 in 2005 and completing my Airframe and Power plant license as well as a degree in professional aeronautics from Embry-Riddle later this year.

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