Defense Air Operation Careers

Performing as an Army Air Defense Tactical Operator you will work as a member of an Army Field Artillery Team. You will work to fire weapons that are large caliber, or fire missiles or large ammunition at the enemy as directed to support tank and infantry on the battlefield. The Air Defense Tactical operator serves as part of the team responsible for early warning both in simulated battlefield conditions and as part of battlefield combat operations. You will work to identify, track and detect aircraft, to perform intelligence and operations duties for air defense units, and to help spread early warning information. Tactical Army Air Defense Operators have to have a lot of energy and physical stamina; they work for long periods of time without being able to take a rest. They are required to have normal color vision to be able to read charts, maps and ammunition. Job training for an Army Tactical Air Defense Operator begins with Basic Combat Training, where the Servicemember learns to become a member of the enlisted Army. Basic Combat Training is 9 weeks long, and after boot camp then you will progress into individual advanced training. Your training for the position of Tactical Air Defense will be 19 weeks in length, and you will study how to figure out the location of target using different methods, how to handle various ammunition and ammo, rocket, gun and missile system operations, and general artillery tactics and battle operations. You will be responsible for helping to fire some of the most advanced weapons known in the Field Artillery realm. If you have a good ability to remain calm under stress this may be the job for you. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. An aptitude in mathematics, the ability to work as a member of a team, and an interest in rocket and cannon operations will be a plus for personnel interested in working in the Tactical Air Defense Army operations field. The Tactical Air Defense Operator has to have the ability to perform a wide variety of different duties. Working as a senior enlisted Tactical Air Defense Operator you will be responsible to supervise and help train junior enlisted personnel. You may be involved in destroying and inventorying classified material to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, as well as helping with other security functions and operation of different radio nets and communications operations.




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