Flight Careers In the Air Force

There are a lot of different enlisted careers in the Air Force, but there are also those careers in the Commissioned Officer service, especially in Aviation. There are a number of flight careers open to the Air Force Commissioned officer, that run the gamete from one end of the spectrum to the other. As with the other services, flying is the job that an Aviation Officer has first and foremost, but they also have other duties that they are responsible for. Flying in some of the most state of the Art aircraft that exist is a challenge and a privilege for the Air Force Aviator, but they are also leaders, both in the Air and on the Ground. The pilot, navigator or flight officer of each different type of aircraft also has supplementary responsibilities on the ground and in the air besides their primary aviation duties.

The character and leadership requirements of the Air Force Aviator are intense, but so are the personnel that are selected to serve in the Air Force Aviation Department. Each type of pilot brings a different set of skills to their flying and aviation job, and each pilot also has different responsibilities when not flying.

Some of the different types of Air Force Aviation Officer are:

Airlift Pilot- The Airlift pilot is the pilot responsible for coordinating and flying airlift missions and commanding crews and aircraft to accomplish different type of aviation airlift missions that the Air Force engages in, including training, simulated combat and actual combat missions.

Test Pilot- One of the more esoteric and specialized jobs in the Air Force Aviation arena, there are not as many test pilots as other types of pilots, but their jobs are very important to the Air Force mission. The Test Pilot reports on flight conditions, plans, conducts and tests different Air Force and United States Aviation Aircraft, as well as assisting in the design, modification and implementation of Aircraft, flight simulators, and aerospace vehicles.

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Air Force Bomber Pilot– This is perhaps one of the Better known Air Force flight careers, the Air force Bomber Pilot is the flyer that is responsible for delivery of bombs, flying aircraft and commanding crew members in various Air Force and US Military aircraft. The Air Force Bomber pilot flies bomber type aircraft in performance of training, actual and simulated bombing missions for the Air Force.

There are a number of other pilots, fighter pilot, helicopter pilot, trainer pilot, mobility pilot, and Generalist pilot. All of them fly their specific aircraft and command their aircraft crews in performance of the Air Force mission.

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