Become An Air Force Nurse

The road to becoming a nurse in the Air force was made easier recently. Air Force officials have worked together with medical professionals to design and begin a course program to assist enlisted Servicemembers who desire to become commissioned Nurses in the Air Force. The new program is called the Nurse Enlisted Commission Program, or NECP. The program is meant to assist those enlisted personnel who desire to become nurses who currently are serving in the Air Force. The program is designed to take enlisted people who want to become nurses and send them to school at an accredited university while they remain on an active duty status with the Air Force.

How To Become An Air Force Nurse

The Air Force is serious about the program, including having an official selection board to enter the program. Applicants can apply and the selection board meets in Texas at Randolph Air Base. The first group for this new program is projected to be 50 students to begin classes for fall semester 2008. We are excited that this new program can begin and start to assist Airmen who want to pursue a nursing career in the Air Force,said General Melissa Rank, Assistant Air Force Surgeon General.

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The Air Force views the new program as a win win situation, the new personnel are often tested Airmen who have been working in the Nursing field in the Air Force as enlisted personnel, but this gives them the chance to work hard, study hard and to become nurses in the Air Force. The Air Force views their enlisted service Airmen as proven assets that are reliable and full force multiplier factors in the Air Force Mission. To apply the candidates must be on active duty serving in the Air Force as E-4 personnel or above, already have completed at least 59 hours credit hours of college coursework toward a nursing degree, be below the age of 42, be a citizen of the United States, and be otherwise eligible for commissioning in the Air Force active duty ranks.

This program is designed to assist those Air Force Personnel who are already trying part time on their own to study and become nurses, but who have been trying to do this piecemeal. This program is an effort to assist and let the candidate be supported to attend school full time and to become a nurse while still being considered on Active Duty.




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military dot image Sherry Perez    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Currently a civilian with some RN coursework completed… had to relocate to Cocoa Beach, FL where Patrick AFB is located.. was planning on enlisting after completing nursing degree, however degree potentially delayed up to a year now due to relocation… Would like to just enlist now and start nursing program ASAP as well…

Would like to know what my options are, if it would benefit me to wait until done with RN degree…

Any help greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Sherry Perez.

military dot image Diana Wainie    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

pls send info on joining AF as a nurse commissioned officer.

military dot image Marie Anne    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Civilian Graduated in May 2011 – associates degree in Nursing.Will be taking NCLEX-RN next month. Have a bachelor’s of science degree in Psychology 2006.I want to join the airforce as a nurse, what is the next step?


military dot image Joan Reeta Francisco    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Happy Valentines Day…
Hello Madame/ Sir,
Can i know if do you sponsor nurses to join the airforce? I want to continue schooling and need help. Do you recruit outside of the country?Please reach me on to this number 09195939146. Thank you very much.

military dot image larryf    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Hi Joan, I would suggest to visit the official air force website ( and speak to a recruiter if possible. Maybe online chat. My best. Larry

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