Democrats Consider More Money to Fund the War

For many people, they want to see the troops pull out of Iraq, and have them all return home. Under the current Bush administration, however, this is also the goal but all in due process. Recently, President Bush asked for an additional $50 billion dollars to be allocated to the war in Iraq.

The funds that are being asked for will be used towards the funding of the military, as well as supplies, artillery, foods, communication technology upkeep, just to name a few things. This is a matter that will weigh heavy on the minds of many Democrats, as most will disapprove of the additional spending.

So far, the Iraq war has plummeted the amount of money that the Americans have spent in tax dollars to support the war. The amount of the Iraq war is into the trillions of dollars now, with no end in sight. However, there is still the impending need to support the troops, and have them all come back home safely.

While they are away, they are in the need to feel as though they are supported from others back at home, and in many cases, they are. Should the Democrats agree to approve of such a substantial amount of monies that are forwarded to the militaries, this will open up many more avenues for the military, and provide them with the assistance that they need.




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