Wasit Provincial Reconstruction Working

Muafiqiyah Village Business Opens For Employment And Training There have been a lot of different work related efforts aimed at helping the men of Iraq with their employment, the amount and frequency of efforts to assist female residents of some of the villages has been slower to materialize. Recently a program team leader for the MNF Wasit Provincial Reconstruction Team met with women from the Muafiqiyah village, and helped initiate a new women’s training program. The women’s sewing center officially opened to aid the female residents in giving training and employment for residents of the village and surrounding area. The new facility employs 11 different women from the village. Each of the women has their own assigned sewing machines, and in time each of the women will take an apprentice to help them, thereby making the workforce double what it is today. “We are doing things a bit differently, we will not only employ these women but we are working to provide them a skill, and training, so they can work and function in a business on their own. The first group of women for training was created from a group of single mothers who had lost their spouses to fighting or who had lost their husbands and had no means of support. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! “This is just the first of several projects that the pRT has taken on, and we are trying to use it as a first step to creating a relationship with the village,” said Sergeant Amanda E. Timmer. Sergeant Timmer is the head of Women’s Inititatives programs for the Provincial Wasit Reconstruction Team.




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