Bush: Iraq Progress Successful

President Speaks Regarding Baghdad, And Overall Iraqi Mission President Bush has viewed the reports from Iraq and spoken to General David Petraeus, and also US Ambassador Ryan Crocker. After his meetings with these representatives and leaders dealing with the Iraqi situation, the President has emerged confident in the ongoing Iraqi Mission. “Al Qaeda was using strongholds in Iraq fifteen months ago to terrorize the Iraqi citizens and kill our troops, now we have them on the defensive, and we are going to continue to cripple their attempts in Iraq,” said President Bush. The amount of success that the coalition has experienced since the beginning of the surge has steadily grown. Military and Civilian deaths are down and the amount of sectarian violence has ebbed to a new low. The Iraqi Government has passed several benchmark type laws, and they are making progress in various economic efforts. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. “The Iraq Government has taken over on much of the funding for large scale projects, and our overall security costs are beginning to decline, elections are scheduled and much positive work is being done,” said President Bush. The President ordered that the ongoing troop deployment period in Iraq be cut back from 15 months to only 12 months, and that the amount of time between deployments be increased. The amount of soldiers in Iraq at the end of July will be the same as before the surge, 15 combat ready brigades, reduced from the high of 20 brigades.




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