Cargo Loadmaster Specialist

This is one military job of the most vital missions that the Army has is the Cargo Loadmaster. As an Army Cargo Loadmaster, you are responsible mail, equipment, weapons and supplies that are loaded and shipped around the world to anywhere that the Army is located. The cargo travels by air, sea, and land and has to be handled and dealt with very carefully. It is your responsibility to make sure that the Army Cargo arrives at its destination safely and properly. It is the responsibility of the loadmaster Army Cargo specialist to unload and load materials and supplies using cranes, forklifts, hoists and other equipment, as well as organize and plan loading schedules.

Army loadmaster cargo specialists are responsible for supervising the transfer and transferring cargo, passengers and equipment from water, land, air and other transportation methods. You will use mechanical and manual methods to do these operations. Working as a cargo specialist will involved operating and maintaining cranes, winches, forklifts and other equipment, unloading and loading equipment from warehouses, motor vehicles, boxcars, railheads, beaches, docks, watercraft and aircraft, and to tally, document and check cargo using automated systems of data as well as manual methods.

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Working as a cargo loadmaster you will inspect various cargos for damage, check cargo for correctness against shipping invoices and to make sure that the invoices are accurate, you will inspect and plan loads for safety, balance and accuracy, and you will use equipment such as trucks and jeeps to load all different types of supplies onto shipping transportation equipment. Training for an Army Loadmaster specialist position involves starting with Army Basic Combat Training, where you will learn how to be an enlisted Army Servicemember. Following 9 weeks of basic training, you will attend individual advanced training for 8 weeks, where you will study various methods and techniques involved in loading and cargo transfer.

You will learn about crane and winch operations, directing container movement and operations and how to provide technical loadmaster guidance. You will learn how to organize and plan the shipping of cargo, cargo checking and hatch operations, and controlling aircraft loading and unloading. You will learn about how to assign and manage cargo handlers and winch operators to the proper duty stations for shipping operations. Working as an Army Cargo Loadmaster specialist will allow you pursue similar employment as a civilian after leaving the Army. You will be able to work in a civilian shipyard or cargo shipping operation with the training that you receive.




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I am prior Army 43E1B, parachute rigger and marine, 0331 machine gunner, and parachute rigger and loadmaster, plus aviation boatwinmate in the navy res, I talk with a Army recruitor and he said all he got for now is infantry, come on at age 48 who wants to go play in the dirt, is this true what he is telling me? K. Ross …………[email protected]

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