Helicopter UH-1 Repairer

The United States Army has one of the largest and most mobile-armed ground forces in the world, and it has hundreds of missions each year that depend on its aircraft for support. The Army Aviation branch supplies missions that depend on aircraft for patrol, flight training, transport and specific missions involving tactical weaponry. The Army Helicopter UH-1 is one of the primary aircraft involved in the missions of the United States Army. The personnel that are tasked to provide maintenance and repair for the UH-1 Helicopter are some of the most key personnel in Army Aviation. As an Army UH-1 Helicopter Repairer technician you will be responsible for performing maintenance and supervising maintenance operations on Helicopters and UH-1 aircraft in your unit. You will work to lubricate and service subsystems and aircraft machinery, performs and assist in special and scheduled inspections, prepare aircraft on a regular basis for operation and assist in scheduled maintenance checks, and be involved in service and repair of the aircraft, aircraft landing gear and airframe. Work as a UH-1 Helicopter repair technician you will work to install and remove when assigned assemblies such as flight controls, mechanical flight systems, transmissions, gearboxes, rotors, engines, and various subsystems. You will inspect and provide maintenance on tail assemblies, fuselages, wings and airframe as needed, and work to replace, repair and inspect batteries, lights, wiring and other electrical components found on the UH-1 Helicopter. Job training for a Servicemember who wishes to serve as a UH-1 Helicopter Repair person includes attending Basic Combat Training. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Attending Boot camp will serve to instruct a Servicemember what enlisted Army life is all about. After Basic training, which lasts 9 weeks, you will then move on to specific training for your job specialty. You will progress to a 10-week technical school for helicopter repair, which will include repair and inspection of equipment and aircraft engines. You will be trained in the field, and in the classroom. You will be intensely and directly involved in the inspection and repair of aircraft and helicopter engines, their repair and disassembly, the trouble shooting of electrical systems and subsystems, you will work on repair of electrical, fuel and hydraulic systems. You will repair fiberglass coverings, and steel, aluminum and other materials used to cover airframes and pieces of helicopter bodywork. If you have an interest in aviation, are good in mathematics and have talents in shops mechanics, then this may be a great job specialty for you.




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Dear Folks,
I a building a scale radio controlled UH-1C. I am trying to find all of the navigation and running light locations. Can you help by providing me some documentation on where the lights go?


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