Submarine Fire Control Technician

Today’s Navy has a great many occupations in order to keep the massive number of ships and vessels of the fleet in mission readiness. The Submarine Fire Control Technician is a specialty where the Servicemember will specialize in maintenance and operation of the various systems and subsystems that are found on a U.S. Submarine in the United States Navy. The Submarine Fire Control Technician will use and maintain systems of navigation, sonar, communications, advanced electronics, digital systems, and weapons fire control systems. A person who wishes to be a Submarine Fire Control Technician will work with electronics, fiber optics, digital systems, computers, weapons control systems, and fire control of weaponry systems. The Navy has a very competitive enlistment program for those interested in service in the Submarine corps, and the standards for both knowledge and service for those interested in serving in the Submarine service is very high. Personnel should be highly charged and very accomplished in the computer, electronics or digital communications field before attempting entrance into this highly competitive field. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. All members of the Submarine Service are selected as volunteers. You will be heavily involved in electronics theory and the study and application of electronics concepts. Training for Submarine Fire Control Technician starts with 9 weeks of Navy Basic Training where you will learn how to become a Navy enlisted Servicemember. After your initial boot camp experience you will attend Basic Enlisted Submarine School. Submarine Basic Enlisted School has a lot of additional requirements, in addition to being from 20-35 weeks in length. There are different elements required, and it is highly competitive. You must type 40 words a minute, and have a high school diploma, and you may not have any convictions in any court other than minor traffic offenses. Duties in this rating are performed aboard submarines, which are at sea for long periods of time. It is an indoor, controlled environment but one that is isolated and away from shore for extended periods. You will work with computers and electronics gear, and while independent in nature you will work in various levels of supervision for extended periods. Work as a Submarine Fire Control Technician also requires that you are able to pass a Top Secret security clearance. You cannot have any history of drug abuse or any convictions on your record. The minimum enlistment period is for five years.




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