Metal Machinist Army Careers

Army equipment and machines sometimes break, and malfunction, and when they do the Army Machinist is one of the people that are tasked to help put them back together. Broken metal areas or parts have to be fixed, and in some cases that means they have to be refashioned or remanufactured, and this is where the Army Machinist comes in. It is up to the Machinist to work on the areas and metal parts that need repair. The Army Metal machinist is responsible for performing metal repair and supervising the repair work in the fabrication, modification and overall facilitation of both non-metallic and metal parts. They work with grinders, drill presses, lathes, and other machinery shop equipment to perform their job. An Army Machinist may be called upon in his normal duties to solder, braze or weld metal parts together, to measure work with ruler’s calipers and micrometers, to cut metal stock using band saws and hacksaws, and utilize drill presses to bore holes. The Machinist is skilled in studying blueprints and written plans, and using lathes and other metal shaping equipment to produce finely machined parts to use in equipment repair and part replacement. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Every enlisted Army person has to attend Basic Combat Training for 9 weeks, after that the Army Machinery metal worker will attend 14 weeks of individual advanced schooling, where they will learn how to become a trained metal worker. They will learn safety procedure, how to use and identify different metals, and the operation and setup of different types of metal working machines. If you enjoy working with metal and machinery, and if you have any background in industrial sciences or as a mechanic then this may be the job for you. Working in the Army as A machinist and Metal Worker can take you anywhere that the Army serves, you may work in a machine shop on a large base, making repairs on some of the most varied equipment in the Army arsenal, or you may be tasked to go out into the field, sometimes even into the Combat theater or battlefield, to assist in the repairs of Army Tanks, vehicles or weaponry in the field. Working in the Army as a metal Machinist can give you skills that are very valuable in the civilian world.




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Is a machinist also considered as a gunsmith considering that you use the same machinery? Does the military even hire gunsmiths? I know that criminal history can effect gunsmithing requirements, but does a criminal record effect getting machinist certifications

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