Army Fire Control Specialist

The Army uses a wide variety of weapons from small ballistic weapons to large-scale missiles and heavy caliber weaponry. Many of these types of weapons utilize electronic and computer systems to aim and fire these weapons, as well as to assist in target location and identification. The role of the Army Fire control specialist is to help aim and fire weapons, and to keep them in good operation and in a high state of military readiness. It is the responsibility of the Fire Control specialist and repairperson to keep these types or weapons in proper operating condition. The Fire Control Repair specialist is the person that performs various maintenance on infantry and combat fire control equipment, as well as vehicle and infantry fired weapons, control systems and artillery equipment. Working in the Fire Control department deals with many different types of fire control equipment, including artillery and satellite equipment used in targeting the enemy. Part of the job and responsibilities that you will have can involve performing damage assessment on the battlefield and effecting equipment repair, maintaining and repairing naval gun systems, infantry and artillery systems, and other gunnery and artillery type equipment. You will work to operate and repair of thermal imaging, laser designation, telescopes and spotting scopes as well as laser range finders and ballistic artillery computer equipment. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Working in this specialty you will work to adjust and test weapons of many different types and calibers, you will work to help lubricate and clean gun sights, optical fire control equipment, sights and other electronic targeting gear, you will work to adjust and test firing weapons systems, as well as various guidance and launch type systems. Job training to be an Army Fire Control Repair Specialist starts as with all Army enlisted jobs with Basic Combat Training. You will learn in boot camp various lessons on Army enlisted life. After 9 weeks of boot camp, you will progress to 26 weeks of individual advanced training. You will study in simulated battle conditions as well as classroom training, and will learn different Fire Control and repair skills. You will work to test and operate different ballistic and artillery weapons and weapons systems, you will learn how to repair and operate fire control systems both on land and on the water, and you will learn the basics of ballistics, weapons, ammunition and fire control procedures.




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