Education Funding Options

Serving in the military there are a number of methods of funding your education. Part of the secret is knowing what is available, and how to access it. Working to fund your education does not have to be brain surgery; it can be a fairly easy process provided you know the different types of military educational programs that are available. There are four ways in particular that provide a big advantage for the military Servicemember, and if you are aware of them you can put them to the best use. Federal Student Aid- Perhaps the best known, this is available to both the Servicemember and the civilian alike, but it is not a source that you should automatically skip over. There are often programs that you are qualified for with Federal Financial aid that do not conflict with some of the funding you can get from the military. This makes for opportunities to collect both, and it can be a lot more beneficial for you if you apply and find out what you qualify for. There are tuition programs, grants, loans, as well as work-study opportunities. Some of the work-study opportunities that exist for Veterans are very lucrative. The Tuition Assistance program- there is a branch of Tuition Assistance available in all five of the branches of the military. It is a program that provides for tuition reimbursement and payment for active duty personnel. It pays 100 percent of the costs of tuition and some other specific educational costs, but mostly it pays tuition. Montgomery GI Bill Funding- This is the military program that was created by Congress first in the 1940s and has been added to, revised, and expanded in the decades since then. It provides benefits for active duty personnel up to 36 months. And the benefits are available for up to 10 years after separation. It has pay up and top off benefits that can increase the amount that is available to be paid by contributions and matching funds when you pay partly into a MGIB account. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Military Scholarships – There are a plethora of different types of military scholarships, too many to list in one place. You should investigate and see if there are scholarships that you will qualify for, and keep looking as there are several different types, and the deadlines are scattered throughout the year. Many of the deadlines are in the spring, but there are also scholarships available with deadlines at other times.




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