Saedi School Wing Rebuilt With Troop Aid

Mahmudiyah Facility Rebuilt With U.S. And Coalition Assistance There was a large amount of rejoicing among some of the residents of Saedi school district in Mahmudiyah Qada. There was a new wing added to their classroom, and they also added a fresh water pump that will help bring in drinking water onto school grounds. The process of education has began to be a top priority for villages and communities in Iraq. The security has been improved and the level of sectarian violence has sharply declined. The school was repaired and rebuilt by effort of a number of coalition units. Different troop units worked cooperatively along with units of Iraqi security forces to add new plumbing, new desks, new paint, and the establishment of six new classrooms. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The new wing is designed to ease the overall strain on the school. “Over the last several months a lot of progress has been made to help the school,” said Captain David Howald. “People are pleased that their children can attend school again without any fear of violence,” said Captain Howald. The renovations are nearly complete. The last of the rebuilding and construction of the new wing for the school will be complete inside of 90 days, and then the school construction effort will be complete. Funds for this project were made available from the Commanders Emergency Community Response program, and were delivered courtesy of 101st Airborne, 3rd BCT, 320th Field Artillery.




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