How Will You Define 2016?

How Will 2016 Be Defined? As we move into 2017, it’s important to look back at what will define 2016. Some years, its one single event that defines they year, such as the JFK assassination or 911.

However, other years, it’s a myriad of different events and developments that define the year.

The year 2016 won’t be defined by just one event. It was the year of events and many things happened before a new United States President was elected. Then, the election happened and will also go down in history. Here’s a quick overview of the events that will define 2016.

Taliban’s Growing Presence in Afghanistan

The Taliban holds as much Afghanistan territory now as it did in 2001, which is saying something. A large percentage of the known terrorist organizations are found in this part of the world. Some will say the resurgence of the Taliban is due to the withdrawal of U.S. forces, while others will show this as another example of how military power is limited in creating new political outcomes in other countries.

Britain Leaves the European Union

If it had been the only big event to happen, 2016 would be remembered for Brexit. However, it wasn’t the only big event and just one of many. Regardless, when Britain voted to exit the EU, it showed the world that the EU may not be as rock solid as once thought.

Humanitarian Condition in Nigeria Deteriorated

The worse famine ever seen in the world is happening in Nigeria. While Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and has the second-largest economy on the continent, it’s suffering due to Boko Haram’s seven-year insurgency. This has left about 20,000 dead and another 3.5 million displaced. Many are living in bombed-out buildings and makeshift camps with very little support. Some are even cut off from humanitarian aid due to Boko Haram fighters.

Trump Defeats Clinton

Many never thought it possible and Bernie Sanders supporters thought Clinton had the White House as soon as Sanders was eliminated from the race. However, Donald Trump became the next United States President-elect, not Hillary Clinton. This will lead to many changes in the United States including the possibility of changes to the foreign policy. Just like Brexit, this could have been the one memorable event putting 2016 on the map, but there were so many, it will just be one of the many.

The South Korea National Assembly Impeaches President Park Geun-hye.

A resounding 234 to 56 vote impeached President Park Geun-hye from South Korea. This will shake up many things in 2017 and beyond as President Park was looking for more stringent U.N. sanctions on North Korea, along with accepting the deployment of a U.S.-constructed anti-ballistic missile defense system. It’s expects that her successor will scrutinize all of the main policies, which could lead to many changes in South Korea.

Other major events that will be remembered in 2016 include:

• Growing nuclear progress in North Korea
• Venezuela falls apart both economically and politically
• COP21 agreement ratified by China and U.S.
• The Trans-Pacific Partnership Failed

The year was rather memorable with many historic things happening.




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