How Will 2016 Be Truly Remembered Across the Globe?

How Will 2016 Be Truly Remembered Across the Globe? While some years can easily be forgotten, even with events happening across the globe, 2016 will not be a forgotten year. Too many influential events and developments happened that will shape the world for the next ten years or even longer. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable events happening in 2016.

Trump Beats Clinton

For the United States, the presidential election was by far one of the most memorable. Many will remember this election for the rest of their lives as the general public was led to believe Hillary Clinton had the election won before votes were even cast. While Donald Trump ended up becoming the President-elect of the United States, some still doubted he’d make it to office. However, on December 19th, it was clear he was the winner of the election as the Electoral College cast their votes. The projected electoral votes were not off by much and it became official. Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States.

Britain Exits the European Union

Another huge and memorable event for the world was the exiting of Britain from the European Union, which is now known as Britexit (or Brexit). This decision came in June and it means the EU lost a diplomatic anchor and nearly one-sixth of its economic output.

This shed the light on growing concerns about the cohesion of Europe. The EU was supposed to be one of the biggest inheritances of the NWO or New World Order. However, this isn’t exactly the case as a wave of populism has swept Europe.

The TPP Failed

The Trans-Pacific Partnership the Obama administration has been pushing became a no-go in November. Many believe the TPP would have caused very small economic gains for the United States and wouldn’t have done much good. Many are racing to conclude the alternative arrangement made by China known as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. Regardless, it’s expected that the United States will struggle to sustain a long-term position in the Asian regions without reinvigorating the geoeconomic statecraft there.

South Korean President Park Geun-hye was Impeached

An astounding vote of 234 to 56 was passed on December 9th by the National Assembly of South Korea to impeach President Park Geun-hye. This decision is expected to cause turmoil between the South Korea and American relationship, especially with President-elect Trump and the expected approach he will take towards North Korea.

President Park had pushed for stringent U.N. sanctions against North Korea, but her successor is expected to scrutinize those policies.

Other events shaping 2016 include:

• A continued growth of the Taliban in Afghanistan
• Nuclear progress growing in North Korea
• Venezuela recession and political chaos
• COP21 Agreement ratified by the U.S. and China

Many events will go down in history from 2016 as it wasn’t a boring or easy to forget year. It was full of world-changing events from elections to impeachments and more. Some of these events will have a direct impact on 2017, while others may directly impact the world for decades to come.




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