Five Amazing Reasons To Join The Military Now

Here are five reasons to join the Military. For some, the military is their destiny. For others, it’s necessary to weigh the pros and cons before making the decision to join the armed forces. Whether you’re considering joining the military very soon or you’re not quite ready, understand the most common reasons people join is important.

There are several benefits that come along with joining the United States Military. However, there are also things you have to think about that you may need to do or go through as a part of the military. Here’s a look at five of the most common reasons people join the military.

Patriotism is Alive And Well!

One of the most important reasons people joint the military is patriotism. This has been a top reason since before there was even an actual United States military. Those fighting to free this country were patriots and many join the military today for the same reasons as they did back then.

Military service is incredibly honorable and many believe there is no greater calling in the world. For many, joining the military is the first encounter they have with the real meaning of service.

Recession Proof Career

The military provides a career that will not go away due to a down economy. A second lieutenant can make more than $36,000 a year with full benefits and a monthly allowance. This is far better than standing in an unemployment line hoping one of the hundreds of resumes you sent out actually lands you some type of job.

In addition, military members gain relief for student loans and enlistment and re-enlistment bonuses.

Ability to See the Country/World

While it’s not the noblest of reasons to join the military, some join because they want to see what’s out there. You could end up stationed overseas, in different areas of the country or you might get deployed. Plus, you’ll get vacation time to travel to different areas of the world or just discover the area you are currently stationed in.

The military also provides many resorts around the world with base lodging for a smaller cost compared to traditional lodging. This can make traveling much more affordable and fun. Of course, you many not see the world on your own time table, but if it’s better than all-free and you’re getting paid for it, it appears to be a fair compromise.

Endless Education Opportunities

You’ll gain skills and training as a part of the military, but it doesn’t stop with just the training you get while in the service. You can attend college with tuition assistance while enlisted and after you leave the military. The GI Bill allows veterans to gain a living stipend and full tuition for college, as long as they served for at least 36 months. You may even be able to transfer this benefit to a spouse or children.

Retiring from the Military can be Worth Millions

If you plan on staying in the military for 20 or more years and you retire as an officer earning more than $100K a year, you may retire with a pension of $48K per year in your 40s. It’s possible to earn $4K per month for the rest of your life starting at 42 years of age, which will equal millions after about 20 to 30 years. In addition, you’ll have full health care coverage and you can start a second career without losing any of your pension.

There are several great reasons to join the military. These are just five of the most common.

And last but not least, we do have a new political administration in Washington, DC. As you must know, President Trump has already committed more money to our military and that’s just a beginning of more positive things to come!




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