Do You Know Why You Want to Join the Military?

The decision to join the military will be one of the most important decisions in your life. While every branch of the United States Military will take you, as long as you qualify, and point you in a specific direction, it’s better to go into it understanding why you enlisted. If you know why you joined the military, you’ll wake up every morning (bright and early) with a true sense of purpose.

Your reason to join the military doesn’t have to be the most noble and it doesn’t have to be the same as other recruits. Instead, you can have your own reason to give you a sense of purpose. If nothing else, it might get you through boot camp and the military will take it from there.

Here are some of the many top reasons people make the decision to join the military.

To Protect and Serve – A sense of serving one’s country is a very strong motivation for joining the military. If this isn’t your reason, you may switch to it soon in your military career. Every branch will instill a strong sense of protecting and serving your country throughout your training.
Travel the Country and the World – The military offers plenty of options for where you could end up stationed. They also offer many travel benefits with a few resorts and many hotels on bases in many areas of the world. Plus, you’ll need something to do with those 30 days off a year and federal holidays.
Fight Against Terrorism – Maybe you want to fight the terrorist and keep them from hurting anybody else. This is a very noble reason to join the military and you may just get to help put a stop to the many terrorist attacks happening around the world every day.
Get a Free College Education – There’s nothing wrong with joining the military for the education benefits. Many join simply to get college paid for and once they get their degree, they get out the next time they are allowed. Just know, you’ll gain far more than just a degree when you join the military to get college paid for.

Decent Pay – It may not seem like much when you start, but as you climb the ranks, the pay can be rather good, especially considering the benefits.
Family Tradition – Maybe your dad was a military member and your dad’s dad and so on. There’s no shame in joining because of family tradition.
Gain Skills and Training – If you don’t think you’ll get into college and you really don’t know what you want to do with your life, the military may be a good choice. You will gain skills and training that can be very valuable in the future.
Change the Direction of Your Life – If you’re not happy with where your life is headed, maybe you need to enlist in the military. A sense of discipline, consistency and comradery may be just what you need to turn everything around.

Many reasons are very good for joining the military. Whether your reason is one of these or something else, it will give you a sense of purpose as you head into boot camp and start your military career.

And oh yes, there is a new sheriff in town. His name is President Trump who is all about building up our military. Of course, it’s a little early in the game, but all things are pointing north! And that’s a very good sign for the United States Military!




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