Top 6 Reasons To Enlist in the United States Military Today

Top 6 Reasons To Enlist in the United States Military Today. If you ask anybody that has enlisted or served in the United States military, they will probably have a solid reason or reasons why they first enlisted. However, by the time they retired or left the military, the reason why they stayed may be far different than why they enlisted.

Those considering enlisting should think about why. Here are six excellent reasons to enlist in the U.S. Military:

You Get the Honor to Defend Our Nation

There is no reason nobler than deciding you want to defend the United States of America. As an honorable way to serve your fellow citizens, defending the nation is the best way to learn what service really means.

You Get a Steady Job

Maybe you want to make sure a paycheck is always coming in without doubt. Working for many companies today won’t provide much job security as layoffs are common and so are closings. With the military, you won’t have to worry.

No matter how good or bad the economy is, the military will take you if you qualify. Starting out, you may not make much, but as you move through the rankings the pay gets better. In addition, you will get many benefits including health coverage, a monthly allowance and bonuses for enlisting and re-enlisting.

Gain Leadership Skills

There may be no better place to truly gain leadership skills. The military provides a variety of leadership opportunities and you will have the ability to gain plenty of skills in this area. Many companies look for those with past military experience when hiring, as well.

Get a College Education and More!

The military will pay for college, in most situations, while you’re enlisted and after you leave the military. The new GI Bill may even allow you to transfer this benefit to children and your spouse. Getting an education, along with the training and experience the military will give you may also make your resume float to the top of the stack. If you already have a college degree, how about going after your master’s degree or even more?

Travel The World! Really!

If seeing the world is your goal, you may want to join the military. Not only could you get stationed in another country, but you will get 30 days off per year, plus all federal holidays to explore the world. The military also provides some hotels and resorts with discounted rates for members.

Retirement Rocks! Trust me!

Gaining a pension before you turn 50 can be a very wonderful thing. It takes 20 years of service to retire from the military with a full pension, which can be more than $48K, if you retire making at least $100K as an officer. You will also retire with full health coverage and the income you make after retirement will never affect your pension. Retiring from the military could be worth millions over the course of your lifetime after retirement.

There are several excellent reasons to join the military. Whether you’re just considering it or you’re pretty sure you will be enlisting soon, consider the reasons above. When you understand why you plan to enlist, you’ll have a much better direction and purpose as you start in boot camp and work your way through training.




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