Why Does the Military Make a Great Career?

Why Does the Military Make a Great Career? If you’ve considered joining the military, it may be helpful to understand the different reasons why it will make a great career. There are plenty of benefits that come along with military service. Here’s a look at some of the top benefits and reasons to join the military.

You Get Better Pay than You Might Realize!

While the military gets a bit of a bad rep for low pay, it’s not exactly low pay when you look at the entire package. As a second lieutenant, you will start at $36K and you will also receive full benefits, including health coverage, along with a monthly allowance of up to $3,000. Those just enlisting start around $20K per year with full benefits and a monthly allowance up to $1,500.

On top of the regular salary, military members often receive enlistment bonuses, which can be more than $20,000. If you serve for at least three years and gain nuclear training, the Navy will even pay you a $90,000 re-enlistment bonus.

Those looking to use the military for college will get the ability to attend school without paying for it, while enlisted. In addition, if you’ve already racked up student loan debt, you may gain relief up to $65,000. The military also provides you with a full pension after 20 years of service.

You Get a Huge Resume Builder!

If you become a leader in the military, you’ll gain something helping move your resume to the top of the stack after you retire. Many companies covet those coming from military leadership positions and look to hire these types of applicants.

You Get Medical Coverage for Your Entire Family!

You don’t have to pay for medical coverage in the military and neither does your spouse or your children. Everybody gains full coverage immediately after you join the military. If you stay until retirement, you and your family will continue with these health benefits.

Consistency Is a Good Thing For You & Your Family!

When everything in life seems out of order and in chaos, you will be able to count on the military to work with consistency. You have a built-in excuse to exercise due to the APFT and your grades will be seen by your Drill Sergeant, so you can’t even slack off at school. You can also always depend on a pay check!

You’ll have a Purpose!

Many join the military to find a sense of purpose. High school students struggling because they are bored or don’t understand why they have to take certain classes may find joining the military gives them a sense of purpose.

You Get To Protect Your Country!

One of the top reasons to join the military is the sense of pride you’ll have in knowing you’re helping to protect your country. You may be on the front lines of helping to stop terrorism or other threats to our country and other parts of the world.

If you’ve considered joining the military, you may want to consider why. There are several great reasons to enlist and you certainly have the ability to become your best self in the military. The reasons above are just a few of the most common for people deciding to enlist.

Perhaps no greater time than today is are veterans so honored in our country. Now, with a new president who appears to be pro-military, the future is brighter than ever. But, always do your homework and research each military branch along with the career school in which you’re interested. Never depend just the information your recruiter offers you. Remember, it’s your career! Not his.




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