Did You Know 8 Out Of Every 10 Are Turned Down From The Military?

Yikes! Ever wondered why 8 out of 10 are turned down from the military? Listen, are you interested in joining the military? Have you already been turned down, but want a second try? There are many reasons why an applicant may be turned down for the United States Marines, Navy, Army or Air Force.

While many reasons could be cited, there is one glaring reason making about 8 out of 10 applications meeting all other requirements ineligible for the United States military. That reason is obesity.

Obesity Causing Applicants to be Turned Away

Three articles have shown that about 80% of those applying for military services are turned down. Obesity is the main reasons. The Washington Times, NBC and the Kansas City Star all printed articles showing that about 20% of walk-in applicants actually get accepted by the military. Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine recruiters are turning people away more often for obesity than for any other reason.

Some recruiters have even said they used to be able to get 16 to 20 new soldiers a month, but that has dropped to just 10 to 12 a month. About 80% of adults are turned away every year, mainly due to obesity.

However, the military has also become harder to get into. Anymore, if you don’t have a high school education, a GED might not cut it. Some recruiters will encourage those with a GED to take a semester of college credits before they apply. With so many high school graduates coming of school with college credits, the competition has become stronger.

Leading the Way: Obesity

Even with the additional competition and many other requirements, such as no neck, finger or face tattoos, obesity is still the number one reason an adult is rejected, according to Mission: Readiness. They stated that 27% of those turned down for military service were too overweight; in 2009. They believe the pool of potential applicants was 30% smaller in 2009 and will continue to shrink as the obesity rate climbs.

There was a time when obesity wouldn’t get you turned away. According to Air Force Brigadier General Jeff Lawson, they used to send those overweight through an addition 6-week basic training course known as a fat farm to get them in shape. However, he stated those don’t exist anymore and you either qualify or you don’t.

You Should Plan Ahead

If you’re thinking of joining the military, you cannot just count on getting it anymore. There was a time where this could be your backup plan or a good place to go if you didn’t really have a plan. Now, you have to plan ahead or you might not get in.

Make sure you get in shape and stay in shape before applying. You will also want to stay in school and get your High School diploma. In addition, taking a few college courses early will help to put you on the top of the application pile.

The best thing you can do is talk to an Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force recruiter early to find out what you can do to make sure you get in.




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