Army Basic Recruiting Timeline

Want to know what to expect once you commit to the Army? Here’s a quick army basic training timeline.

An intense 10-week program with plenty of physical workouts and mental tests, Army basic training isn’t easy. If you’re considering joining the United States Army or you’ve already joined, here’s what you can expect from basic training.

Zero Week – Reception

When zero week arrives, you will go from a civilian to a member of the United States Army. Those civilian clothes will be left behind, your hair will be cut and you will be ready to enter basic training.

Week 1 – Fall In

After reception week, you will go into what is known as fall in week. This short period gives you a little bit if time to get acclimated with new rules, processes and regulations. Classroom instruction will also begin during this week.

Week 2 – Direction

You will leave the classroom and head for the field with a new mentor in your Drill Sergeant. This week will test you physically and mentally as you learn new things, such as first aid.

Week 3 – Endurance

You better be ready for this physical test and don’t take it lightly. Week three will put you in situations where you must rely on others and you will have to dig deep to find the mentality and physicality to beat this week. This is also a week full of simulated combat scenarios.

Week 4 – Marksmanship

You will learn how to shoot the standard issue weapon (the M16A2) in this week. You will learn everything about the weapon from shooting it to cleaning it and all other aspects. Marksmanship courses will also help to teach you how to hold the weapon, breath, pull the trigger properly and shoot from various positions.

Week 5 – Trials

You will need to pass the Basic Rifle Marksmanship Qualifications Course and the Fit to Win Obstacle Course in this week. Both a mental and physical challenge will be present and you will be tested quite a bit in this week.

Week 6 – Camaraderie

The Army teaches you that your platoon is only as strong as their weakest member. During this week, you will learn to count on your trainees and bond with them. You will gain trust through specific exercise sand confidence in each other.

Week 7 – Confidence

This week includes hand grenade training, foot marching and live fire exercises. You will also go through the Confidence Course.

Week 8 – Combat Skill Development

This week is used as an extra week to help with developing combat skills.

Week 9 – Victory Forge

Now you will enter the rea test with a three-day field retreat to Victory Forge. This is the final true test of your mental and physical capacity before you’re finished with basic training.

Week 10 – Graduation

Now, your family and friends can come and see you graduate after all the hard work you put in. You are now a United States Army Soldier. While this may vary a bit from one location to another, it’s a pretty good look at what to expect when you enter into Army basic training.




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