What Should You Expect From Military Basic Training?

Have you ever wondered what should You expect From military basic training?

Going into basic training means you will be pushed to your limits before you graduate as a soldier in the United States military. No matter the branch you choose, there are several things you can expect and should be prepared for when you sign up for the military. Here are some of the most common things you can expect from basic training.

You’ll probably get sick

Just about every recruit going through basic training ends up with some type of illness. It may just be a head cold or a sore throat, but you will probably get sick. Since it’s a fast-paced, crowded environment full of physical exercise and stress, it breeds sickness.

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Make sure you drink plenty of water and wash your hands whenever possible. If you know you’ll be eating in the field, take wet naps with you.

It will be worse than you expect

This isn’t a time to think positively and decide basic training will be better than expected. It will be worse and you should expect the worse. Never count on anything until it happens. Often, you may receive an award just to have it taken away due to someone else’s poor performance. Always expect the worst and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when something goes well.

You will make friends

It’s not uncommon to form some lasting friendships in basic training. You’re’ going through something difficult together and it will create bonding opportunities.

You will make enemies

Just as you will bond with friends, there will be a couple of people you don’t like at all. You will need to rely on others in basic training, so it’s best to be polite and respectful, even with enemies.

It will be stressful

Basic training is designed to build soldiers and it will be stressful. It will come with plenty of physical stress, but also with all kinds of mental stress. It’s best to study what to expect in basic training as much as possible before you go. There are some great resources and stories out there to help you know what to expect.

Days are Long and Nights are Short

Every second of every single day will be planned by your Drill Sergeant. You will end up with little sleep often and may wake as early as 4:30am on most days. If you’re not a morning person, you will be by the time you graduate.

You will fail

No matter how great you think you are, at some point, you will fail. Your fellow recruits are going to fail and so will you. Try your hardest, but expect to fail and you won’t have to be disappointed when you learn you’re less than perfect.

Expect to be deployed

Often, recruits think they are going through basic training and won’t be deployed. However, many get deployed and it should be expected. This is the reason you go through basic training and you should expect to be deployed as soon as it’s over. While you may not get deployed, it’s best to have this expectation when entering basic training.

There are many things you should expect with basic training, no matter the branch of the military. Make sure you study up on the topic and you’ll be better prepared as you enter basic training.




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