What You Need To Know About Military Basic Training!

After you’ve met with a recruiter and you’ve decided you’re going to join the military, it’s time to prepare for military basic training. Part of preparing for basic training or boot camp is understanding what to expect. Not all recruiters will paint the same picture and boot camp isn’t exactly the same for all branches of the military.

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You will go through many intense workouts, which are designed to take a civilian and turn them into a soldier. These workouts are not designed to help pick the most physically gifted of the group. If you’re considering the military or you’ve already signed up, here’s what you can expect from basic training.

It’s not Just Physical

Many speak to the physical part of boot camp, but they don’t really talk much about the emotional side. For most recruits, the emotions are harder to deal with than the physical part of basic training. You will experience significant mental growth as you become a soldier able to find the courage to move forward during fear and times of wonder.

Daily Habits Will be Established

You will have a daily routine drilled into you as you go from recruit to soldier. Drill instructors will take you and other recruits and turn them into a unified platoon through teamwork and discipline. This will ensure new habits are formed and every detail of your daily life will be scrutinized.

Physical Combat Training

Along with the physical workouts, most branches of the military will teach you hand-to-hand combat through martial arts. The US Marines will actually have you move through a colored belt system to earn the title of a United States Marine.

Meeting Specific Physical Requirements

Depending on the branch of military you decided to join, it’s necessary to meet certain physical requirements including:

Army – Complete 10-week basic combat training, a timed two-mile run, two minutes of push-ups and two minutes of sit ups.
Navy – Complete a 7 to 9 week boot camp, a timed 1.5 mile run or 500-yard swim, two munities of push-ups, two minutes of curl-ups and a sit-and-reach flexibility test.
• Marines – Complete 12 weeks of recruit training, timed three-mile run, a pull up count (for men), timed flexed-arm hang (for women) and two minutes of abdominal crunches.
• Air Force – Complete an 8.5-week basic military training course, timed 1.5-mile run, one minute of push-ups, abdominal circumference measurement and one minute of sit ups.

Throughout the basic training of any branch of the military, recruits can expected to go through a complete mental and physical transformation. It’s not going to be easy and every day is designed to push you to your limits. However, many recruits go in and come out as a better, stronger person.

It’s best to go into basic training in top physical shape because you will be completely broken down mentally and physically. With the right preparation, you can survive and thrive in basic training no matter the branch of the military.




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