Which Questions Should You Ask a Military Recruiter?

Which Questions Should You Ask a Military Recruiter?

Whether you plan to join the Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force, you need to know which questions to ask when speaking to a military recruiter. It’s important to understand what you’re signing up for and to make sure it’s the right decision for your life. Often, recruits don’t ask all of their questions out of fear, but there’s nothing to be afraid of.

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As you speak with a military recruiter, you need to be prepared to gather information. You will want to know if you even qualify for the military, how to choose the right branch of service for you, the benefits involved, how to prepare for basic training and what type of jobs you may be eligible for. Here are some of the best questions to ask your military recruiter.

What’s the Minimum Enlistment/Commitment?

You don’t want to go into this blind thinking you can get out whenever you want. The military isn’t like a job you can quit whenever you feel like it. Typically, the minimum commitment is two years, but there are many benefits you may not receive unless you commit for a longer duration. Make sure you understand the number of years you must commit to get the benefits you desire.

Will I Qualify for any Bonuses or Enlistment Programs?

If you’ve been through ROTC, taken college courses or even been through Junior ROTC, you may qualify for special bonuses or enlistment programs. This could allow you to enter at a higher pay grade. Make sure you ask about these options.

How do the Branches of Military differ when it comes to job opportunities, pay and benefits?

It may be a good idea to compare the differences in pay, benefits and jobs when it comes to the Navy, Army, Marines and Air Force. Ask about the entry-level benefits and pay, but also get information about promotions and pay once promoted. There may be some significant differences when you look at the career path you plan to take.

Where will I do my Basic Training and How Long will it be?

Basic training is where you start and you should know where you will be going and how long you will be there. This could be a deciding factor, if you have a preference for a shorter basic training or a specific location. Depending on the branch of the military, basic training can range from a little more than 6 weeks to about 13 weeks.

Will my Job Preference Require Additional Training?

Some military careers require more than just basic training. You may need to enter into officer training or another type of training once basic training is completed. It’s good to know this information ahead of time and know what to expect.

There are several other questions you should ask, such as:

• What types of college benefits are offered?
• Will I get paid during training?
• What type of jobs will I be eligible for after training?
• Can I go into basic training with a friend?
• What is the delayed entry program?

Make sure you ask all of your questions and get the answers you need before making your final decision.




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