Why US Military is Successful in the Field of Radiation Intelligence (Atomic Bomb)

Written for USMilitary.com by Simon Leggett

US Military has always been known for its pioneering technological innovations. From developing atomic bomb during the World War 2 to the deployment of fifth generation fighter jets in the 21st century, the institution of United States military establishment has always been in the driving seat. It all began when the United States was dragged into this perilous war of one-upmanship, where technological breakthroughs in military were going to be decisive factors. Because the US military had to confront mighty Germans and aggressive Japanese, it had no other option but to jump on this vicious game of superiority.

Incidentally the internet, which is the driving force of today’s generation, has been developed by US military as well. Apart from that, the military has, for a long time, been working on a range of other technologies and equipment. Most of these inventions are so secretive that they are unaccounted yet and thus we have very little knowledge about them. However some of them have been properly documented and are more talked about. One such field that is potentially harnessed for quite some time by the US military is “Radiation Intelligence.”

What is Radiation Intelligence and how is it used?

Radiation Intelligence refers to the information obtained by collecting unintentional electromagnetic energy emitting from the devices that do not belong to nuclear detonations or radioactive sources. Because it does not involve any nuclear weapons, this type of intelligence is also known as Unintentional Radiation Intelligence (RINT).

The basic premise of using radiation intelligence by the premier intelligence organizations like CIA and NSA is to ensure national security. It is used covertly on certain individuals or organizations on the basis of threat perceptions emanating from them to the state. The activities of such entities are brought under scanner and being spied on using radiation intelligence. This is the precise reason as to why the tactic is also called Electromagnetic Eavesdropping.

The central idea of radiation intelligence is based on the fact that it can detect what is on an individual’s computer even if it is not connected to the internet. So if a person is preparing reports that can compromise the security of the state or somebody is going to leak highly confidential information regarding the security, he or she will possibly be apprehended by the concerned authorities.

US Military’s Mission and Domestic Intelligence Operation

These intelligence operations are subdivided into the following important intelligence units:

? Communication Intelligence (COMINT): It is basically aimed at providing blanket coverage for all communications in the US as well as world to ensure national security. These technologies are developed with the help of private corporations, academia and general public.

? Signals Intelligence (SICINT): It refers to an ongoing program of decoding EMF waves by wirelessly tapping into computers and track individuals by collecting electrical impulses emanating from their bodies. The Department of Defense (DoD) is responsible in developing such advanced digital equipment.

? Domestic Intelligence (DOMINT): The NSA and the Military keeps the records of almost all the US citizens. These organizations make use of all the information gathered by the NSA agents, who are authorized with the help of executive order to spy on any suspected person.

Various Radiation Detectors Used by US Military

Radiations are everywhere and all around us though they can’t be seen under normal circumstances. In fact today’s world of communications is run with the help of radiations and signals. These radiations occur in different frequencies and intensities; however they require different types of instruments and devices to get detected. The fact that no single device can detect all kinds of radiations and no device can be used in all situations, so these instruments have their own significance.

1. MKS-UM – Multipurpose Dosimeter Radiometer
MKS-UM is a specialized radiation intelligence device, which is highly efficient and useful in detecting Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-rays. Initially it was designed for severe desert conditions during peacekeeping missions in the Middle East. Now it is effectively used in the field of environment. MKS-UM is loaded with integrated dual system GPS and GLONASS receiver. The device uses lithium-ion memory-effect-free battery and its display indicates the statistical error of measurements.

2. RDS-80 – Communication Survey Meter
The RDS-80 is a surface radiation contamination meter, which is highly versatile and has a broad range of applications in radiation protection. It effortlessly screens surfaces, objects for radioactive contamination. It is very sophisticated with visual and audible alarms.

Personal radiation Detectors/ Search Instruments

These instruments are designed for searching the localized radioactive material. These are extremely sensitive and sophisticated devices used for detecting radiation sources either passively or actively.

Special equipment for contraband

These instruments and devices are utilized by combining gamma radiation detection capability for detecting illegal radioactive sources. The specialized sensors of these devices can efficiently detect contraband or chemical agents. Therefore they are highly useful for security applications as well.




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