What’s a Successful Military Career Look Like After Basic Training?

What’s a Successful Military Career Look Like After Basic Training ? Once you graduate from basic training, you may feel like you’ve made it.

However, this is just the beginning. You’re about to step right back into a situation where you’re the low man/woman on the totem pole and you have no idea what you’re doing.

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Finding success in your military career means you have to know what it looks like after basic training. There are two paths to choose here and one of them isn’t very desirable, unless you like being stuck. Here are some of the traits you will discover are important to a successful military career after basic training.

Discipline and Listening

All successful members of the military are highly disciplines. They must remain in excellent physical shape and they must listen to the orders of commanding officers. If you don’t display discipline and you don’t want to listen, don’t expect to have much success outside of basic training.

Continuing to Move Forward

You may want to be an officer or reach a certain level, but you may not know how to get there. Those achieving success after basic training know where they want to go and how to get there. In addition, they are taking steps to get there.

Most levels above E-4 will require some type of additional training or education, whether it’s college courses or military training. Make sure you’re prepared and you know what’s required or you may never reach the level you desire.

No Gossiping

Successful members of the military simply don’t participate in gossip. Rumors die with them because they let them go in one ear and out the other without repeating them. While this may take a high level of discipline, it’s necessary if you want to achieve success in any military career.

Budget Well and Avoid Trouble

It’s not uncommon to see a military member buying a brand new car after basic training. This may seem appealing, but you want to avoid going into debt. Save your money to buy a vehicle if you want one and go used. Budgeting well and avoiding debt shows responsibility, which will help you in advancement.

Trouble can come in many forms, especially once you leave your base. A huge difference between very successful military members and those not so successful is the trouble they get into or avoid. You don’t have to be a shut in, but don’t cause trouble or get involved in it when you don’t need to.

No Excuses Successful military careers are built on never making excuses. Instead, successful service men and women find solutions. If you mess up, just admit it and move forwards. You’re human and you will make mistakes. Excuses will just make it worse. There are several attributes commonly found in those with successful military careers. These are just a few of the most common. If you want to achieve success after basic training, make sure you become a person with these qualities or you may get stuck at one level and never move forward.




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