Top College Degrees for Military Veterans

Do you know the top college degrees for military veterans? Many join the US Military because of the excellent college educational benefits that lead to a high paying civilian job, such as the GI Bill. Getting a good education can lead to a rewarding career later and the military can help.

For U.S. veterans, planning which degree may be best is always a good idea. You don’t have to choose from just four-year or two-year degrees. Other certification programs may take less time to get you started in a new career. Here are some of the top degrees for military veterans to consider.

The Hot Medical Field!

With baby boomers fast approaching retirement age, could not be a better time for medical careers for military veterans. Just about any type of degree in the medical field fits very well for veterans. Those serving the military as a medic of any type will transition into this type of degree program very easily. In addition, some states may consider your military experience as college credits making your journey into a new career much easier.

Always a Need For Criminal Justice!

Law enforcement careers for veterans make quite a bit of sense for military veterans. It’s an easy degree to transition to since you already have experience with many aspects of criminal justice. In addition, veterans can consider fire science or fire engineering degrees, which also apply to law enforcement careers.

IT Degrees Here to Stay For a Long Time!

The military is one of the largest users of technology on the planet. Many military veterans come out of service with plenty of IT knowledge. This can make it very easy to transition into a degree in technology for programming, coding, developing or even as a network administrator. Plus, some IT degrees can be obtained in two years or less. Other good degree programs for military veterans include:

• Business Administration
• Finance/Accounting
• Engineering
• Electrician
• Carpentry
• Plumbing

There are several great degree and certification programs perfect for military veterans. Whether you’re looking for a career change or looking to take your military experience to the civilian world, there are plenty of options to choose from.




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