Want To Know the Nonpolitical Correct Pros and Cons of Women in Combat

Interested in knowing the pros and cons of women in combat? The debate between whether women should be allowed in combat or not has been going on since before women could join the United States military. There are several pros and cons, which could probably apply to some of the men wanting to join the military, too. Here’s a look at the most common pros and cons of women in combat.

Real Pros of Women in Combat

There are several advantages to women in combat including: Gender vs. Ability – The gender of a person should not decide whether they can be in combat or not. This should be decided by their ability. While not all women can perform as well as most men, some certainly can. In addition, pre-training to help with muscle building can help to lower the rate of female injury.

Real Career Advancement

When women go into combat, they have a better chance of advancing in their career. Most military careers require combat experience for advancement. If women are not allowed to go into combat, they cannot move up the ladder.

Consistent Influx of Recruits

Without allowing women to take gutsy combat positions, there are fewer recruits for these positions. By welcoming women into these positions, there are more bodies to fill the positions making it easier to equip forces with plenty of soldiers.

Ability to Choose Best Person for Job

Commanders don’t have the ability to choose the best person for a combat job when they are limited to just men. Women judges on ability can fill these positions without putting this strain on the commander.

Military Readiness

By allowing women in combat, the entire force of the military will remain stronger. Women choosing to become combat soldiers won’t shirk at the duty because they have chosen this path and have a willingness to join.

Allows Women to Reach their Dreams

Women have the ability to reach their unique dreams when they can become combat soldiers. Without this ability, they cannot reach their dreams, if combat is something they want to pursue.

Cons of Women in Combat

Of course, with any pros and cons list, the cons have to be mentioned. It’s possible for the pros to outweigh the cons and it just depends on which site of this debate you’re on.

Less Physical Strength

It’s no secret; men are typically stronger, at least physically. This is one of the major reasons why some believe women should not be involved in combat. A woman weighing 110 pounds isn’t going to be able to physically outduel a man twice her size. Some believe that allowing women in combat would mean special treatment would have to apply.

Possibility of Abuse

With women in combat, there is more of a chance of abuse. If enemies capture them, women could be subjected to abuse. Some women could be built to endure this type of torture, but it could be far worse for a woman than a man due to sexual abuse and the physical torture they could have to endure.

Struggles for Family Balance

When a woman goes into combat, there’s the possibility she won’t come back, just as with a man. Its one thing for a family to grow up without a father, but it can be even worse for children to grow up without a mother.

Women can Become Pregnant

A pregnant woman cannot do any good for the military when it comes to going into combat. Men cannot become pregnant, while women can, which does put them at a disadvantage.

Cause Distraction
Possibility of Relationships

Putting men and women into any situation together poses the risk of relationships forming. Intimate connections don’t really fit in combat dozens and can become distracting to the group.

A Few Facts About Women in Combat

Did you know that women are unable to enter into about 9% of military roles in the United States? Another interesting fact, about 10% of the Middle East forces are women and women fought disguised at men on both sides of the Civil War.




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