Highest Paying Careers in the US Military

Do you know the highest paying careers in the US Military today? Joining means choosing a military branch and a career. Bonuses may play a role in your overall pay and your decision to join. However, if you want to make a good living in the military, you need to understand which careers pay the most. Here’s a look at some of the top paying military careers requiring an advanced degree, those not requiring a degree and some entry-level options to consider.

Here are the Top Paying Careers in the Military

The top paying careers offered by the military require advanced degrees. However, there are some good paying careers that won’t require an advanced degree. You will still have to enlist and work your way up to these top paying careers.

Have an Advanced Degree? Here are the Top Paying Careers Requiring an Advanced Degree!

Many of these careers are in the medical field. You will need an advanced degree, but the salary is rather large. Some of the top medical careers offered by the Marines include:

• Prosthodontists – More than $187K
• Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians – More than $187K
• Preventive Medicine Physicians – $186,812
• Orthodontists – $180,462
• Allergists and Immunologists – $179,404
• Dentists – $179,121
• Internists, General – $155,394

Along with these medical careers, many other non-medical military careers pay rather well and require an advanced degree including:

• Chief Executives – $171,224
• Judges, Magistrate Judges and Magistrates – $154,962

Most of the highest paying military careers are found in the medical field.

Top Paying Careers without an Advanced Degree

Many careers in the military won’t require an advanced degree and will still allow you to make a decent salary. You don’t have to go into the medical side of things to enjoy a high-paying career in the military. Some of the top paying careers not requiring an advanced degree include:

• Postsecondary Teachers – $151,432
• Ship and Boat Captains – $146,984

• General and Operations Managers – $136,908
• Directors, Religious Activities and Education – $133,099
• Government Property Inspectors and Investigators – $129,464
• Education Administrators – $127,368
• Architectural and Engineering Managers – $123,169
• Security Managers – $118,584

Some of these careers will require a Bachelor’s Degree, but others are based on work experience.

There are several other high paying careers in the military that require only an Associate’s Degree or advanced training you will receive in the military.

Top Paying Entry-Level Military Careers

When you first enlist, you may not think you have the ability to choose a job that pays much. However, there are certain enlistment jobs that pay much better than others. Some of the top options include:

• Army Military Working Dog Handler
• Air Force Histopathology Specialist
• Marine Corps Engineer
• Navy Mass Communication Specialist
• Army Paralegal Specialist
• Air Force Firefighter
• Marine Corps Light Armored Vehicle Crewman

While these jobs may all have a starting salary of just over $18,500, they all provide a better paying career once training is completed.

Joining the military doesn’t mean you have to live with very little money.

Many military careers have the ability to pay very well. In addition, all military members gain access to excellent benefits and some will receive large bonuses.




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