Top Companies Hiring Military Veterans in Fields They Fit Well

After leaving the military, it can be difficult to settle into a new field. Many military veterans think they are defined by their MOS, but it’s not true. Your MOS doesn’t have to make your career possibilities narrow.

Many companies are looking for veterans because they know how disciplined and task-oriented they can be. Here’s a look at some of the top companies hiring military veterans in fields that fit with military service.

Information Security Analyst

A very highly rated job for 2017, as an Information Security Analyst, you’ll work with IT security. If you did this during your service time, the transition isn’t so difficult. The average salary is around $90K and growing.

Companies hiring veterans in this field include Kronos and Robert Half.

Management Consultant

Those looking to work in the field of change management will fit right in as a management consultant. The career has great growth opportunities and a salary of about $81K. Accenture is a leading company hiring military veterans for this position and other positions within their company.

Nurse Practitioner

If you were a medic or any type in the military, becoming a nurse practitioner makes sense. This field has a huge growth rate and an average salary comes in at $105K. Hospital Corporation of America and Anthem are both looking to hire veterans to become Nurse Practitioners.

Financial Advisor

If you worked with money in the military or received training in finance, becoming a financial advisor is a viable option. This job has a very high growth rate of 30% and the average salary hits $90K. Both Prudential and Morgan Stanley are known for hiring veterans with leadership skills to work with their companies.

There are several companies not just willing to hire military veterans, but actually seeking them. If you just got out of the military and you want to move into a new civilian career, these companies and positions are great choices.




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