What to Know Before Meeting the Military Recruiter

Do you know what you need to know before you meet your military recruiter? You may feel intimidated if you’re going to go see your local recruiter for the first time. This meeting doesn’t have to be difficult or scary, however. It’s important to remember, your recruiter’s main job is to help you with all your questions. If they don’t do their job, you may not join the military.

The recruiter’s main job is to make sure you’re satisfied with the experience and what you will get once you’re in the military. Keep this in mind and you won’t have to worry about the scary feelings when you first meet your recruiter.

It’s also important to remember, your recruiter has to be very honest with you. They won’t tell you everything you need to know without the right questions, however. You have to be the detective and ask all kinds of questions to get the full picture of what it means to join the United States Military. If you’re going to be meeting with your local recruiter soon, here are some tips to help.

First You Need To Know There’s No Obligation

Remember, when you meet with a recruiter, there’s no obligation to sign up or even take information home with you. You might be asked to sign paperwork before you talk about the ASVAB, but this is standard procedure. You don’t have to worry, as you also have the ability to change your mind at any time up until you sing the final enlistment contract.

Think Seriously About Taking Someone With You

You don’t need to go to the recruiter’s office alone. Take a parent, friend or sibling with you to ensure you don’t feel alone and you have an outside person’s perspective.

Ask About Your Stationing

Some of the services will offer programs guaranteeing your first duty station. However, your recruiter may not remember to offer this, so make sure you ask. It’s also important to know, this is only for your first duty station. After that, you may not get to choose where you’re stationed.

Ask About Special Training

If you’ve been a part of Junior ROTC, Civil Air Patrol or you completed your Eagle Scout, you may be able to get a higher pay. In some cases, you get to join at a higher rank, but you’ll have to ask your local recruiter about it.

Prepare your Questions in Advance

Before you meet with the recruiter, take the time to do your research and come up with questions. Look into possible jobs and write down any questions you may have about jobs, about military life, boot camp or anything else. While finding answers online can be helpful, your recruiter will be able to give you real military experience and they will give you answers you can trust.

Can You Listen

While having your questions prepared may have you ready to fire one after another, you need to let you recruiter talk and listen. You may even want to take notes as they talk so that you will have the information for later. As they answer your first few questions, they may also provide answers for other questions on your list without you needing to ask.

Treat Your Recruiter with Respect

Just as you would if you were going in for a job interview, treat your recruiter with plenty of respect. They work long hours, most work more than anybody else in the military, and they are very busy. Show them the respect you deserve by making an appointment and showing up on time.

Remember, if you do drop by without an appointment, they may not be there. Many recruiters speak at high schools, work with parents in the home when their son or daughter is enlisting or they may have to take someone to MEPS. Don’t cancel your appointment last minute and make sure you show them the courtesy you would want to be shown if someone was meeting with you.

Look into at least Two Branches

It’s hard to simply compare the different military branches online. When you’re going through the recruitment process, make sure you meet with recruiters for at least two of the military branches. This will help you to see the differences and make a better decision when you enlist.

Be Honest

Your recruiter can help you, if you’re honest. You don’t want to lie about anything important and it’s all important. It’s actually a felony to give false information or even if you withhold any require information on paperwork. You don’t have a right to join the U.S. Military.

The information you give the recruiter will help to determine if you are qualified and where you might best fit in. Make sure you’re fully honest as it’s better to be disqualified to enlist than to lie about it and have the lie discovered.

Be Prepared for the ASVAB Test

If you’re serious about joining the military, make sure you’re ready for the ASVAB Test. This test will help to determine if you qualify and what jobs you may be able to qualify for. Join with a Friend

Sometimes, the military will offer a “Buddy Deal”. This basically means if you join with a friend, you get to train together and bet stationed together. You may even get to start with an advanced rank, which means higher pay because you signed up together.

Get Everything in Writing

When it comes to bonuses, college fund, MOS and other important details, they need to be on your enlistment contract. If it’s not in writing, you cannot be guaranteed you’ll receive what you asked for.

It’s important to be fully prepared before you meet with your local recruiter. Whether you’re going to join the Marine Corps, Army, Navy or Air Force, you need to meet with a recruiter first. Make sure you get all your questions answered and you get everything you discussed in writing on your enlistment contract.




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