Why Millennials Should Join the National Guard

Have you thought about joining the National Guard? As a millennial, it may be a great option for your life now and for your future later. While you may have felt like you were being convinced not to join the military for many reasons, it’s a very good option for millennials.

You may want to maintain your freedom to live where you want and have a full-time civilian career. However, the National Guard may be able to give you the benefits you need to pursue the life you really want. Here are some of the top reasons why millennials should consider joining the National Guard.

Become Part of Something Bigger Than You

The National Guard may be the means to fulfilling the void within your life. You’ll be serving a cause much larger than yourself as you perform your duty to your country. Even if serving your country isn’t your primary motivation, it could become the reason you re-enlist later.

You will need to have a willingness to serve and pride in your service if you want it to last and you want to be happy. It’s also important to consider you might be mobilized at any time, but if you want to serve something larger than yourself, the National Guard is a great choice.

Second Source of Income

As a National Guard member you won’t have enough income to sustain yourself just from the National Guard, unless you’re full time in the Active Guard. However, if you’re not full time, you will still get a nice second income to help supplement your first source of income. You will receive active duty pay during training and if you’re mobilized.

IN addition, you will gain other financial benefits, such as loan repayment, bonuses and scholarships. You will also be able to use military-friendly companies, such as the USAA for discounts on insurance and banking.

Better Civilian Employment Opportunities

As a millennial in the National Guard, you’ll have the ability to gain better opportunities for employment. Many companies prefer to hire those in the military because of their dedication and discipline. In addition, you’ll have plenty of connections built in from those you trained with and those you meet in the National Guard.

Excellent Training Opportunity

When you join the National Guard, you will gain training in some type of job specialty. You get to choose the career path you prefer and you will gain training. You can be a diver, power line distribution specialists, electrician, engineer, bridge crewmember or one of many other career options.

You Won’t Need to Be Full Time

With the National Guard, you get the best of both worlds. You get to serve your country and work a civilian career at the same time. You will work one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer each year, which most employers will work around without any issue.

While you will need to go through basic training and any additional training for your field first, you will also get paid during this time. Even if you are mobilized, you will only serve until the mission has been completed, and then you go back to part timer service. For many millennials, this is a great way to gain benefits of military service without joining one of the major branches as active duty.

Gain Valuable Leadership Skills

In the National Guard, you will have the opportunity to become a leader and gain valuable leadership skills. When you join, you may end up working your way up to leading others during missions or training.

There are many great reasons to join the National Guard for millennials. If you’re looking for on-the-job training, potential educational benefits, an additional source of income or the ability to serve your country, the National Guard may be the right choice for you.




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