Military Draft Just Rumors?

Is there any truth that Trump will reinstate the military draft? Is the upcoming military draft just rumors? Stories have surfaced stating that President Donald Trump has plans to reinstate a military draft in the United States. Some say it’s “fake news” while others believe that’s just a cover. The stories started to gain strength after the attack on Syria issued in April.

The original article came from Real News, Right Now and was months-old before it recirculated through social media. It stated that the president has a plan to make the military great again, which means reinstating a draft to bolster the armed forced.

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It quotes Trump saying, “We’re bringing back the draft, okay? We’re going to bring it back and were going to make America as strong as we were in the Sixties.” This was part of a speech Trump gave at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa.

An article from Snopes (well-known for spreading fake news) stated this isn’t a true story. It’s hard to buy that President Trump won’t reinstate the draft when he said he will and the site saying it’s fake is one of the most well-known for fake news stories.

Will a Draft Ever Happen Again in the United States?

Some believe a military draft will never happen again in the U.S. A mandatory draft was enacted in the U.S. when there was a shortage of military soldiers. The draft was used to gain soldiers for locations where there weren’t enough. It was used during the Vietnam War and many other wars.

President Bush said he wanted to see the military draft become a real thing again and at the same time many members of Congress agreed. However, this idea has always been under scrutiny from those opposing troop deployment and war.

It would take quite a few votes to get the military draft reinstated and this would cause major riots across the country.

As long as there are plenty of soldiers in the armed forces, a draft won’t be necessary. For now, the quotas for the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Army and Air Force are easily met. However, this could change if less people enlist or a war breaks out.




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