Job Requirements to Become a Navy EOD

Navy EOD or Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal isn’t the same as a Navy Diver. These are different professions, but if you want to become a Navy EOD, you will also need to qualify as a Navy EOD Diver. As a Navy EOD, you will work closely with special operations and you will actually be classified as Navy Special Operations.

What does a Navy EOD Do?

As a Navy EOD, you will dismantle unexploded ordnances including underwater mines, IEDs and land mines. You will also render safe these devices.

When you become a NAVY EOD, you will become an expert in explosive, parachuting, diving and tactical skills for combat fighting. You will become capable of dismantling and rendering safe many types of explosives including underwater, biological, nuclear, improvised, chemical and conventional.

Navy EOD personnel work with elite units including the Secret Service, Federal Law Enforcement, SOCUM and agencies within the Homeland Security Department. You will also become an expert in post-blast investigation.

Here Are The EOD Qualifications:

If you want to become a Navy EOD, you must meet the following requirements:

• Must be less than 31 years of age, male or female
• Have 20/200 or better vision and have it corrected to 20/20
• Must be a United States Citizen
• Pass a Dive Medical Physical Exam and Pressure Test

• Cannot be color blind
• Have one full year without any non-judicial judgements
• Corse 110 or better on the ASVAB or 165 or better combined on GS, MC and EI
• Pass the Navy SEAL/SWCC/EOD/Diver PST

Before you will be able to start training towards the EOD classification, you will need to complete boot camp training in Great Lakes, Illinois. You will need to pass the Special Warfare/Operations PST again during boot camp. Then, you will need to go through pre-training, which lasts three to four weeks after boot camp. Pre-training will weed out there not interested or capable of becoming a Navy EOD.

After you’ve completed pre-training, you will need to go through the following:

• Basic Navy EOD Dive School – 9 weeks
• Basic EOD Training – 42 weeks
Basic Parachute Training – 3 weeks
• EOD Tactical Training – 3 weeks

After completing all of the training, you will become a Navy EOD and begin working your new job.




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