All You Need To Know About PCS Orders

When you receive a Permanent Change of Station or PCS Order, it could cause panic. You may not know what to do and now you and your family have to get organized and relocate. What do you do next and how will it all happen? Here are a few things you need to make sure you take care of after receiving a PCS order.

Meet with the Base Transportation Office

Your base will have an office to handle transportation. The name of the office depends on your branch of service:

• Coast Guard – Household Goods Shipping Office
• Air Force – Traffic Management Office
• The Department of Defense – Joint Personal Property Shipping Office
• Army – Installation Transportation Office
• Navy and Marine Corps – Personal Property Shipping Office

Make an appointment early and find out the options for moving when you get to the office. Don’t forget to find out about a DITY move and make some preliminary arrangements, as well.

Meet with your Finance Officer

Your current installation has a finance officer and you need to meet with this individual. You will be making a move, which can drain your bank account, but your finance officer can help you with military relocation benefits you get and help keep the cost down.

Contact your Family Center

The Family Center on your base offers relocation assistance programs to help with moving you and your family. You can use them as a resource to ask question and find out about the new place you will be going.

Notify the Housing Office

You won’t need to do this unless you live in government quarters. If you do, let the housing office know when you will be moving and find out the regulations for cleaning before you move out.

Plan Your Move

After you’ve taken care of some of the necessary meetings, you should have a better idea of what to expect. Then, you can start planning your move, which may include creating a checklist for a DITY move or hiring a moving company. Make sure you look into any programs and benefits you might be entitled to and take advantage of the programs offered.

When you receive a PCS order it doesn’t have to be scary. You and your family can make the move and transition smoothly with the help of the tips above.




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