How Do You Know You’re Right For Military Service?

So how do you know if the military is right for you? Joining the military is something you need to be prepared for. You shouldn’t feel pressured to join the military by anybody and you should do it when you’re ready. Basic training can be very physical and so can daily service in the military. Understanding when your ready isn’t exactly easy, but it’s very important.

There are several signs you can look at to know you’re ready to serve. They may not all be signs of military service, but could also point you towards special ops, firefighting or the police forces. Regardless, these signs are pretty clear if you’re thinking about military service.

Your Workouts are Getting Longer

Being prepared physically is a big deal when considered military service. When your workouts start to get longer, you may be physically prepared for the rigors of basic training and military life. Maybe you’ve started lifting larger weights, swimming more, running faster or longer distances or simply working out longer.

The 30-minute routine doesn’t do it for you anymore and you’ve had to add an addition 15 to 30 minutes just to feel the workout. When this happens, you’re likely ready for military service; at least physically.

Multiple Workouts in a Day

Maybe your workouts haven’t become longer, but you’re doing a morning and afternoon workout instead of just one per day. Often, in the military, you’ll do multiple workouts including rucking, swimming and morning PT. This can be a good sign that you’re physically ready for military service.

You’ve Reduced Weaknesses

Before you join the military, t’s a good idea to identify your physical weaknesses and reduce them. If you’re not a good runner, you need to work on endurance running and become a better runner. If you cannot do very many push-ups, this is something you need to work on.

Reducing your weaknesses can help to get you physically ready for military service. If you’ve taken the time to work on the things that make you weak, it might be time to join the military. Maybe you’ve gone from being able to run one mile to running five or you’ve gone from ten pushups to a hundred. If this is the case, it’s time to contact your local recruiter and sign up for the military.

You Don’t Require Naps

Long workouts or multiple workouts may cause you to need naps, if you’re not used to the workout schedule. In the military, you won’t get naps. If you need naps for recovery, you may still be ready for military service, as long as they are short naps. However, if you’re exhausted after working out, it may not be time to join just yet.

You Recover Quickly

Bouncing back from workouts quickly is a good thing when preparing for military service. You need the right mixtures of nutrition and sleep to bounce back fast. If you’ve found that you recover quickly, it may be time to join the military.

Running Has Become Normal

When you go into the military, you’ll be running quite a bit. If you’ve started to run every single day and you’re getting better and better at it, this is a good sign. Running needs to be your foundation as it will be when you join the military.

If you’re not feeling any serious pain after running and you’re getting faster, you have turned running into a foundation. When this happens, you’re likely ready to join the military.

Strong Swimming

Strong swimmers do well in the Navy because this branch of the military requires swimming. Even if you’re not going to need to do any swimming to pass the tests, it can become a great exercise to get you ready for military service. When you become a strong swimmer, you’re ready to join the military and kill it in basic training.

You’ve Started Rucking

The Army, Marines and Special Ops will require rucking. If you’ve already started to get used to moving with plenty of extra weight, such as weighted vests, you might be ready for military service. Since you will carry a large amount of equipment, you need to be used to carrying extra weight when you run, do stretches or just go for a walk.

You can Pass the Entry Fitness Test Easily

Depending on what you plan to do in the military, you may have to pass different fitness tests. Every military member will have to pass some sort of fitness test just to get in. You don’t want to be passing the requirements you will face just barely. If you have to run a mile in ten minutes to pass, you want to be able to do it in eight minutes.

Make sure you’re killing it when it comes to the entry fitness test and any other physical tests you will need to take. These tests are important and you want to make sure you can easily pass them when the time comes.

Specific Training for Your Specific Goals

If you have a goal of becoming a Navy SEAL, you need to make sure you’re prepared for this before enlisting. Make sure you look at the specifics of what you want to do and what it will require. You may need to be able to run more, swim more or carry more weight when you do the different tests. Get specific and look at the requirements of the job/branch you want to join before you talk to a local military recruiter.

These are just some of the signs you’re ready to enlist in the military. Of course, the physical preparation is just part of the process. You should also get all your questions answered by a local recruiter and prepare yourself mentally for the journey you’re about to take.




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