Top 6 Most Memorable War Songs from War Movies

Many war songs have been featured in war movies over the years. Some have become incredibly memorable, while others have been long forgotten. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable songs ever from war movies.

#1 Good Morning Vietnam – What A Wonderful World

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Maybe the most famous and most memorable war song from any military movie, What A Wonderful World from Good Morning Vietnam is a classic. The Louis Armstrong classic details the men fighting, the civilians in the middle and the incredible corruption of South Vietnam.

#2 Stripes – Do Wah Diddy

A unique choice, but very memorable from the comedy Stripes, Do Wah Diddy is the perfect way to sum up the movie. It features Bill Murray and Harold Ramis. If they did what happened in the movie in real life, they’d probably never stop doing push-ups.

#3 Top Gun – Danger Zone

If you’ve seen Top Gun, you know the song and its significance. Danger zone was the perfect choice for this movie and the Kenny Loggins song is still popular today. The movie was even used as a recruiting tool by the Navy.

#4 Platoon – Tracks of My Tears

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles’ hit song from 1965 provides the perfect choice for Platoon. It’s played in the background as Charlie Sheen shows what his future will look like as he jams out to the song, drinks beer and smokes.

#5 Hot Shots – Dream Lover

While it’s not a real war movie, the song Dream Lover just has a way of sticking with you after this movie. When Topper Harley sees Ramada Rodham Hayman for the first time, this is the song playing and it’s an iconic part of this comedy movie.

#6 We Were Soldiers – Sgt. Mackenzie

A great song from an excellent movie, Sgt. Mackenzie was written about the grandfather of the singer, who served in WWI. It’s an awesome choice and anybody that hasn’t seen the movie should. Many great songs have come from war movies, but these are certainly some of the most memorable.




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