Why it’s a Smart Decision to Hire Veterans

Here’s why employers are smart to hire more veterans today than ever before. After meeting with a local recruiter, a military service member is born. Now, it’s time for the service member to gain training, discipline, leadership skills, teamwork skills and so much more. Then, when they leave the military, they become a veteran ready to work in the civilian world.

There are several reasons why it’s a smart decision for any business to decide to hire military veterans. Military service breeds successful individuals that know how to work with others. Here’s a look at just a few of the top reasons why veterans make great hires for many companies.

The Veterans Time Tested Character

You can’t really buy character or train someone to have character. When you dare to hire veterans, you will get dependable, trustworthy and hardworking individuals ready to show you how much they are worth. The military is one of the only places someone without much character and develop incredible character and become a trusted veteran.

The Veterans Life Skills Effectiveness

Military veterans are the type of employees that simply get the job done. They will pull all-nighters and do what it takes to make sure the job is done right the first time. Military veterans are mission driven and understand the idea of working forward towards a common goal.

Veterans Outstanding Loyalty

Veterans become loyal employees and stick with the company longer than most. Many companies have reported that military vets tend to have longer tenures showing they are loyal to their civilian employers.

Veterans Teamwork and Leadership Skills

When serving in the military, working as a team is a requirement. In addition, many veterans gain incredible training in leadership while in the military. Working as a part of a small team is second nature for military vets.

The majority of people coming out of college have never led a team or managed others before. However, those coming out of the military often have plenty of leadership skills and understand how to lead a small team, sometimes a larger team.

Veterans Proven Track Record

Military veterans come out of the military with a proven track record. They have demonstrated they know how to gain success with the task/mission at hand. The military teaches these veterans how to be successful with others and how to create a track record of success.

Gut Wrenching Resiliency

Military service members have no choice but to work in difficult environments. They are used to relocating, traveling and dealing with unique decisions and circumstances. This makes veterans resilient to the civilian struggles found in many businesses. Companies setting a difficult pace at work will see veterans figure it out and handle the conditions. Whether the difficulties come from the weather, irregular hours or any other conditions, military vets are used to hard conditions.

Veterans Discipline and Structure

If you value discipline and structure within your organization, hiring veterans makes perfect sense. Military vets come out of the service with discipline engrained in them. They know how to follow directions and adhere to your processes and guidelines. Those in a highly regulated industry will find veterans don’t go against the rules.

The benefits of hiring veterans go very deep. Military service members come out of the service with all kinds of skills and traits perfect for the civilian world. They know how to follow directions, complete the mission and help companies grow.

When veterans are hired and advance to management positions, they tend to hire more veterans for the company they work for. This creates an environment full of disciplined workers with a track record of success. When a company has plenty of military vets working for it, the teamwork loyalty and resiliency are all improved and it may even have an effect on the non-vets working for the company.




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