Which Military Veteran Jobs Provide a Great Work/Life Balance?

As a military veteran, it’s necessary to use the skills you learned in the military for your civilian career. Finding a job as a military veteran with a great work/life balance is important, as you may have a family and what to spend time with them, too. You shouldn’t be expected to work constantly, even in the most demanding fields.

There are several great civilian jobs for veterans offering a very good work/life balance. When you start looking into the right career for you, consider the jobs listed below.

Become a Tour Guide For Fun and Profit

Yes, you can become a tour guide and enjoy the professional live without all the 60-hour weeks. You get to learn about the areas where you give tours and plenty of tour guides make a good living. The best part, you get to spend time with your family, as this is ranked as one of the best choices for work/life balance.

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Stay Fit and Become a Group Fitness Instructor

Another job you can take, which offers a good work/life balance is a group fitness instructor. You’ll gain benefits, such as a free gym membership and the ability to get your workout in as you teach. You get to work with groups and help others achieve their fitness goals. This can be a great job for a veteran with a love of physical fitness.

Data Scientist

On the other end of the spectrum, data scientists are a career with an excellent work/life balance. This job does require a four year degree, but may pay more than some of the others and doesn’t usually include long hours. You will need to go through an internship and gain experience before you will be able to move into this career, however.

What a View… Life Guard

A very physically demanding job, it can be a good choice for those with a love of swimming. The life guard position provides plenty of time for your life outside of your job, but it may not pay as much, depending on where you work. Working near the ocean may pay more, but may require training on dealing with this type of body of water. Regardless, the life guard position may be perfect for a veteran that can swim well and loves the idea of saving lives.

Be an America’s Hero Become a Firefighter

A risky job for sure, but one with a good work-life balance, firefighters have pretty flexible schedules. They often work long hours for a few days, but then have multiple days off in a row. This can be a good job for a veteran looking for a good balance.

SEO Specialist

A very good work/life balance comes when you decide to be an SEO specialist. You don’t work long hours, but you will need a four year degree. You can run your own firm or work for another. As an SEO specialist, you will need to stay up-to-date on the best practices and help clients gain better search ranking with their websites.


When you go into communications, you have many options and the job comes with a good work/life balance. With great interpersonal skills, this job can be perfect for anybody that loves to communicate in any way. It’s a hard thing for corporations to do and those specializing in the right type of communications can become very desirable job candidates.

Social Media Manager

A newer position in high demand, the social media manager helps companies with their online marketing through Twitter, Facebook and other avenues. This person helps in many ways and gives the company a better online reputation and profile. It’s not a super demanding job and does come with a good work/life balance.

Several great jobs are waiting for veterans when it comes to work/life balance. If you want plenty of time with your family and you don’t want to work the long 60+ hour work weeks, choosing the right career matters. Some careers require this type of working to advance at all, but those listed above don’t require you to work long hours all the time.

It’s important to find the right career after you get out of the military. As a veteran, you have skills to offer and many companies value your military experience. Make sure you find the right job for you with a good balance of work and personal life.




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