A Look at the Russian MiG-35

Russia has added another fighter jet to the roster with the MiG-35. This jet is the fifth generation and expected to join the roster by 2019. The MiG-35 will replace the MiG-29 and has been in development for more than ten years. It wasn’t on display at the Paris Air Show, but will be going through final testing in July.

It will include fifth-generation technologies with plenty of integrated features, such as extreme maneuverability, stealth capabilities and as much as 12% more power than past models. The aircraft is expected to feature thrust-vectoring engines, as well.

While most advanced fighters may not be very rugged, the MiG-35 is expected to be able to withstand heavy anti-aircraft fire and operate in difficult conditions. It will be able to take a hit and still keep going in some cases.

The testing is expected to be done by the end of this year or early next year with production possibility starting next near. However, it’s possible that when the MiG-35 rolls out, another new aircraft could be taking the spotlight in this series. There are rumors of a light fighter, which could be the next big thing in Russia.

MiG has been courting customers on this project for many years and the first actual demonstration flight was held at the Aero India Air Show in 2007. Many have shown interest in this new fighter get including those from Latin America, Kazakhstan and Southeast Asia.

This is considered to be the plane built for today’s combat and it was created from the experience with the MiG-29 and how they have worked in combat. It can take off from a short lane and land on unprepared airfield. It doesn’t even need a hangar for storage and the engines could be swapped, if necessary, very quickly.




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