Unmasking America

One of America’s most respected columnist Charles Krauthammer told Fox News last night that American students are now being instructed “about all of the pathologies of the United States and very little of the glories.”

Following an intense week of mega media coverage about President Trump’s CNN tweets, Mr. Krauthammer was responding to a Fox News Poll released last week, where 45 percent of voters said they were not proud of the United States. However and to no one’s surprise, it appears the responses were broken down by political party. With a low of 39 percent of Democrats said they were proud of the home country, United States.

Without equivocation, Krauthammer went on to explain on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that lack of American pride represented in the poll originated with the countercultural left in the 1960s.

“They weren’t just out there rioting and sitting in, they went into the professions: the teaching professions, and they’ve essentially taken over,” Mr. Krauthammer said. “That generation of radicals runs the universities, they run the teachers’ unions, they run the curricula.”

Krauthammer said that the antipathy bred by educators could have devastating consequences for the future of the United States.

“In the end what brings civilizations down is when the elites lose confidence in the rightness of their cause,” he said. “We need a new generation of teachers who are not committed to this … history of the sins of our ancestors.

“Look, every civilization is founded on sins, every single one,” Krauthammer added. “Dispossession, violence, appropriation. What distinguishes civilizations are the ones who rise above it.”

On a final note, according to The Drudge Report, America would like for President Trump to keep on tweeting.




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