US Calls for Action after North Korea Missile Test

This seems like a headline that keeps repeating itself. North Korea tests another missile and a call for action grips the United States. In early July, it happened again when North Korea tested a long-range missile called an intercontinental ballistic missile. This weapon can be very dangerous and may one day have the ability to carry a nuclear warhead.

Due to this North Korea missile test, the United States has called for global action against the threat. The US was joined by Japan and South Korea in calling for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council, which was held shortly after.

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In previous missile tests, North Korea had shown they can use short and medium range missile, but nothing that could reach the United States. This test was different as the long-range missile could very well hit the US and could cause incredible damage.

United States Fearlessly Responded

The US did respond to this threat by firing “deep strike” precision missiles into the waters of South Korean territory. The demonstration was used to show the solidarity between the US and South Korea and to make a statement to North Korea.

The ICBM showed that North Korea has made incredible technological advancements and it was also the most successful missile test so far. This could be very dangerous for the US as the missile could be paired with a nuclear warhead, which could reach the United States. However, the US intelligence believes it doesn’t have this capability yet.

President Trump responded by putting pressure on China to make a heavy move against North Korea and put an end to this nonsense. As tensions mount, some type of action, whether going to the diplomatic table with Kim Jong Un or taking military action may be inevitable and may happen very soon.




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