Veterans Finding Valuable Help At Your Local County Service Office

As the publisher of a military magazine, we often receive questions regarding veteran benefits. Such questions like how do I file for health benefits, death benefits of a veteran, insurance, disability insurance and on and on.

Earlier this week, I called the VA 800 number and asked about a host of my VA benefits. I have to admit, I expected long wait times on the phone and I was tempted to wear a neck brace in preparation to all such whiplashes of being transferred from one phone representative to the next.

Not to mention, talking to mannequin-like people reading off a telephone script.

Now sit down when I tell you this because all above did not happen. Not even close.

In fact, I was shocked to talk to real people who truly cared. Telephone reps who listened not only to my questions but to my heartfelt concerns. Of course, the moon could have been in that exact place in time that abnormal things happen, but I think not.

I got off the phone as though I just spent twenty minutes talking to a long-lost relative.

More importantly, at the end of the call, my VA representative told me that I didn’t even have to file the forms necessary for my purpose. He told me about County Veteran Services who are local folks who will not only help explain all the veteran benefits but they’ll even fill out all the paperwork for you. As if that was not enough, I’m told they’ll even file it for you.

Within a couple days, I found myself at my local County Veteran Service office.

I told them my story and within seconds, my amazing VSO officer whipped out the proper forms and begin typing away on my behalf.

I was star bound. Who are these people? Do all veterans know about the County Veteran Service Officers?

I certainly didn’t. I soon learned they account for a workforce of approximately 2,400 county and state employees from 29 states. They collaborate with the Department of Veteran Affairs to help speed the process of claims development and veteran transitions from the military to civilian life.

For me, it is clear that these people have a passionate understanding of the problems that confront veterans, widows, widowers, and children. They have specialized knowledge in the best way suited to the needs of every veteran or their beneficiary who needs assistance.

Their mission statement reads, “A National Association of County Veterans Service Officers, which aggressively pursues all, benefits for veterans and eligible family members through education, training, and our advocacy programs.”

Bottomline, they advocate on behalf in the preparation, submission, and representation for claims to the VA for the veterans benefits that they rightly deserve.

Need a helping hand to fill out that long VA benefits application? Need answers regarding your veteran benefits? Don’t worry, real people with caring voices are here to help. Learn more about the National Association of County Veterans Service Officers at




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