Frederica Wilson Politics New Low In Soldier’s Death

At one time following the death of a loved one, conversations were personal. Private and heartfelt. No matter how sincere, if you speak in a range of a hot microphone and in close proximity of a politician you best keep quiet. Even if you’re offering heartfelt condolences.

The press was alerted by US Representative, Frederica Wilson, a Florida democrat after President Donald Trump called the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson who was killed during an ambush in Niger. It appears that Trump’s condolences did not rest well with Wilson or the widow.

According to Gold Star Father Craig Gross, “Trump’s words are basically being taken and misconstrued.” He continues on to say, “President Trump is doing a lot of good things as far as Gold Star families are concerned.”

For me, I’ve lost a son too. I cannot begin to tell you how many people offered a wide range of condolences. Some hit their mark and a few didn’t. But I understood their heart no matter what feelings were pricked. Afterall, for me, their time to speak and encourage me was all that mattered.

I believe some people attempt to offer encouragements that are not always exactly what the grieving family may want hear. I know that I have often made statements that I regretted later. However, when it comes to politics and grabbing headlines, there is no forgiveness.

Unfortunately, as long as we’re human, there will always be mistakes, misinterpretations and hurt feelings.

What I don’t understand in this case is why someone would turn around and shoot out press releases of private statements during a time of personal grievance like death. This is a sacred time like none other. Why go political when the only focus should be on prayers and family?

The truth is that there is more hate in our government today and far less desire for understanding. We’re called to love others as ourselves. Those days are far gone.

Personally, I don’t see our trust ratings going north any time soon for our congressional leaders. Even moments when we should be left alone to grieve from the world, like death.




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As a veteran, hope the widow is NOT providing info to this congresswoman. Someone had to call and/or provide the content of the call to Congresswoman Wilson.

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Congresswoman Wilson has a long past of Trump hating. Democrat politics as usual. So blinded by their selfish hate they cannot see truth if it splashed them in the face. If republicans don’t wake up and find boldness and courage, we’ll all lose. America begged for a ‘non political’ leader and finally we have one and the far left SCREAMS without pause. Come on people, take a STAND FOR AMERICA.

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